Experience a whole new view without vibrations and shaking from the free hand.

The ATERA H12x30 with 422 grams is one of the lightest binoculars with image stabilizer. Due to the strong vibration canceller effect, an extremely stable field of view is achieved even from the free hand. At higher magnification you can observe everything in detail, such as reading signs and lettering, recognize the structure of bird feathers, and the ATERA is also a great companion for astronomical observations of stars. Less vibrations in the field of view increase the visibility of object details and the comfort of observation.

The vibration of your hands often makes it difficult to see sharp objects, especially at high magnification. ATERA H12x30 features a vibration suppression mechanism with a 2-axis gimbal-mounted image stabilization mechanism. With a strong correction effect of the vibration correction angle of ± 3 degrees (up, down, left and right), a stable field of view can be achieved even at a high magnification of 12x. Since the micro-vibrations are also eliminated, even the finest details can be seen.

Two standard AAA micro batteries are used for the power supply. As they are easy to get everywhere, safe operation is guaranteed even in remote areas. Thanks to a long operating time of up to 12 hours, you can concentrate on observation without having to worry about battery consumption. An automatic power-off function, which cuts off the power after 5 minutes, prevents unnecessary battery discharge.

By applying a complete multi-coating and an anti-reflection coating on all lens surfaces, the additional phase coating on the prisms, the light transmission and thus brightness of the image is drastically increased. All these features ensure low stray light and light loss and produce a particularly clear and high-contrast image.

A gently rounded shape that adapts to the hands, a focus ring that can be gently rotated by lightly touching it with just one finger, a simple design, a battery compartment that is away from the operating area, all designed for ease of use. The integrated battery cover effectively protects against loss.

The ATERA is delivered with a comfortable carrying strap and a protective bag for transport.

  • Binoculars with gimbal electronic image stabilization
  • Observation without vibrations from the free hand
  • Vibration correction angle of ± 3 degrees
  • Due to the low weight, operation with one hand is possible.
  • Up to 12 hours of operation with one set (2pcs) of AAA micro batteries
  • Perfect image quality due to three coating layers on the optics
  • Phase coating on prisms
  • Ergonomically designed for excellent usability
  • Fashionable but simple design
  • Carrying strap and mini bag included

  • Binoculars
  • Carrying strap
  • Storage bag
  • Dust protection caps for eyepieces (2 pieces)


Technical Data

Field of application
Field of application
  • Astronomy
  • Bird watching & Nature observation
  • Hiking
  • Traveling & Sports
Type Compact binoculars
Optical design Roof
Magnification 12
Mirror/Lens diam. 30 mm
Material prismn BK-7
Type of coating
  • Phase coating
  • Fully multi-coated
Exit pupil min. 2.6 mm
Diopter setting
Field of view at 1000m 73 m
Field of view 4.2 degrees
Near focus from 2.5 m
Power supply 1.5V Batteries
Batteries needed 2x AAA (Micro), 1.5V
Battery lifetime 12 h
Bag/Pouch multifunctional nylon case
Focusing system Central focus wheel
Eyecups TwistUp eyecups
Interpupilar distance min. 55 mm
Interpupilar distance max. 75 mm
Eye relief 17.5 mm
Colour black
Total length 149 mm
Total width 108 mm
Total height 62 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 422 g

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