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Become our Reseller!

If you are interested in expanding your product offering, we have a fantastic offer for you!

Levenhuk is one of the largest manufacturers of optical devices and an exclusive Bresser dealer in Europe.

We offer a special line of products for children that may be of interest to you: color microscopes, educational kits, telescopes for beginners, plus various accessories, research instruments, and educational books.

We also have binoculars, observation scopes, telescopes, microscopes, monoculars, magnifying glasses, and a wide selection of accessories.

You can find all information about our products at, and

We give you 8 reasons to re-sell Levenhuk optical products:

1. High margins; (The average dealer discount is 35%)
2. Dispatch and delivery to your warehouse or dropshipping;
3. Investment protection; (Effective anti-dumping and price war protection measures)
4. All products are always in stock; (We have our own warehouses in Portugal, Spain, Hungary, and Czech Republic)
5. No risks or charges; )Flexible return and stock rotation policies)
6. Reliable lifetime warranty;
7. Ready files with pictures and descriptions of the products for quick upload to your website;
8. Every product line has a best selling product.

The main advantage of our devices compared to those of other manufacturers is that each product comes with a complete set of tools and educational materials.

In addition, our products can be used as soon as you take them out of the box as they come with the necessary accessories to start using them right away.

As soon as we receive your feedback, we will be happy to provide you with the additional information about the price list and terms of cooperation.