The MAGUS SFR2 polarizing objective is designed to work in polarized light (transmitted and reflected). Strain-free lenses do not create birefringence and do not affect the result of the sample observation.

A low 2.5x magnification objective combines with 10x to 25x eyepieces to create useful microscope magnifications ranging from 35x to 70x. When using eyepieces with a lower magnification it will not be possible to optimally study the sample; eyepieces with a magnification greater than 25x will not be effective since the optical system will not show new details. The resolution limit is 3.92µm.

The SFR2 objective model is equipped with plan achromatic optics. It creates a wide field of view by correcting geometric aberration for over 90% of the observed area: A focused image will be obtained both in the center and at the edge of the field. It is convenient to make observations using a digital camera or a wide-field eyepiece. With a 10x/22mm eyepiece the field of view is 8.8mm in diameter. With such a field the sample can be studied effectively: You can quickly locate the desired area and calculate the approximate grain size in minerals by changing the eyepiece. The sample can be examined with or without a coverslip.

The objective is designed for an infinity-corrected optical system; the parfocal height is according to the DIN standard.


  • MAGUS Pol 850 Polarizing Microscope
Lens material optical glass
Objective class by aberration correction degree plan achromatic
Tube length infinity-corrected (∞)
Contrast technique polarized light
Magnification x 2.5
Aperture 0.07
Working distance mm 11
Parfocal distance mm 45
Cover glass thickness mm the objective is designed to work with samples with or without a cover glass
Spring-loaded frame
Body material copper
Warranty years 2
EAN 5905555021003
Package size (LxWxH) cm 7x4x4
Shipping Weight kg 0.105

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