The microscope is intended for studying specimens using the fluorescence microscopy technique in reflected light and using the brightfield and phase contrast techniques in transmitted light. The fluorescence microscopy is based on the ability of some substances to glow when exposed to light of a certain part of the spectrum. The illuminator contains three filters that provide optimal conditions for fluorescence excitation of the commonly used fluorochromes DAPI FITC and TRITC. The microscope is used for the examination of liquid precipitates cell colonies living cells tissue cultures and other samples in nutrient medium in glassware up to 55mm with the bottom thickness of 1.2mm. The microscope uses special objectives for working with such glassware. The illuminator stand is tiltable for use with Petri dishes or flasks up to 165mm. The microscope is suitable for immunochemical diagnostics and chromosome analysis as well as the detection of latent bacterial and viral infections.

Microscope head

Tube length – infinity (∞). When assembling the microscope the user can rotate the eyepiece tubes 180° and adjust eye relief to fit their height. There is a trinocular microscope head. The monitor is mounted in the vertical tube of the trinocular head and the digital camera – in the camera side port. The trinocular head has an 80:20 beam splitter and there is a 2-position beam splitter on the body (100:0/0:100).

Revolving nosepiece

The 6-objectives revolving nosepiece is mounted on a stand under the stage.


Infinity plan achromatic objectives with a long working distance for dishes with a bottom thickness of 1.2mm. Three objectives are intended for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy techniques and the other 3 objectives are for the phase contrast technique.

Focusing mechanism

Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs are located at the base of the microscope on both sides. The user can place their hands on the table and take a relaxed pose while observing. The focusing adjustment is smooth and effortless. On the right there is a coarse focusing lock knob for quick adjustments after changing the specimen. On the left there is a coarse tension adjustment ring for further adjustment.


There is a fixed stage with a mechanical attachment for moving the laboratory ware in two mutually perpendicular directions. The smooth and subtle movement of the object augments the accuracy of the study – no part of the specimen will be overlooked. The travel knob is located at the bottom and therefore the user will not strain their right hand. The microscope set includes three dish holders for dishes of different sizes.

Reflected light illuminator

The fluorescence excitation light source: 5W LED. The illuminator has three excitation filters for the DAPI FITC and TRITC fluorochromes. Unlike mercury lamps LEDs do not require bulky power units; they use rather little electricity and do not contain harmful mercury vapors. Living cells under LED lighting are not damaged by UV radiation and remain viable much longer. LEDs will instantaneously reach full brightness won’t heat up during prolonged use and they turn off quickly when needed. All of that makes it easier to switch from the brightfield technique to fluorescence and back again. The lifetime of the LEDs is 50 000 hours. It is recommended to choose an LED-based fluorescence microscope for educational purposes as the safest and low-maintenance option.


Phase contrast turret condenser with four positions. There is a free slot for brightfield microscopy; the other three slots with phase annuli plates are used for working with objectives at magnifications of 10x 20x and 40x. The phase contrast rings can be centered. Fast and intuitive switching between microscopy techniques saves time and simplifies the researcher’s work.

Transmitted light source

The transmitted light illuminator has a 5W LED. It is bright enough to work on all objectives using the brightfield and phase contrast techniques. The color temperature does not change when you adjust the brightness. The LED has a lifespan of 50 000 hours.

Köhler illumination in transmitted light

The Köhler illuminator improves the image quality of the observed sample: each objective achieves maximum resolution; the field of view is illuminated evenly without darkening at the edges. The object of study is in sharp focus and the image artifacts are removed.


There is a line of accessories designed specifically for this microscope. Eyepieces that extend the magnification range of the microscope. The optional eyepieces help you maximize the potential of the objective that you use most often. A digital camera that outputs the microscope image to a monitor and stores files along with software that takes real-time measurements of specimens. A calibration slide for measuring objects that can be combined with an eyepiece with a scale or the camera software.

Key features:

  • Study of specimens in laboratory ware emitting fluorescence when exposed to excitation light
  • Microscopy techniques: fluorescence in reflected light brightfield and phase contrast in transmitted light
  • Trinocular head with the option to adjust eye relief
  • Two options for mounting a digital camera and monitor: a vertical tube of the trinocular head and a camera side port on the body; beam splitting on the trinocular head – 80:20 beam splitting on the body – 100:0/0:100
  • Transmitted and reflected light illuminators: energy-saving 5W LED with a lifetime of up to 50 000 hours
  • Köhler illumination
  • Tiltable stand for glassware up to 165mm
  • Fluorescence excitation filters for the DAPI FITC and TRITC fluorochromes
  • Phase-contrast turret condenser for quick and convenient changing of the microscopy technique
  • Wide range of compatible optional accessories

The kit includes:

  • Base with a built-in power input reflected light illuminator transmitted light source condenser focusing mechanism stage and revolving nosepiece
  • Trinocular head
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PLL 10x/0.25 phase WD 4.3 mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PLL 20х/0.40 WD 8.0mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PLL 40х/0.60 WD: 3.5mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PLL 10x/0.25 PHP2 WD 4.3mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PLL 20x/0.40 PHP2 WD 8.0mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PLL 40x/0 60 PHP2 WD 3.5mm
  • Eyepiece 10x/22mm with long eye relief (2 pcs.)
  • UV shield
  • C-mount adapter 1x
  • Hex key wrench
  • Power cord
  • Dust cover
  • User manual and warranty card

Available on request:

  • 10x/22mm eyepiece with a scale
  • 12.5x/14mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 15x/15mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 20x/12mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 25x/9mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • Digital camera
  • Calibration slide
Warranty years 5
EAN 5905555018232
Package size (LxWxH) cm 38.5x61.5x82
Shipping Weight kg 24
Head trinocular
Eyepiece tube diameter mm 30
Objectives infinity plan achromatic: PLL 10x/0.25/4.3; PLL 20x/0.40/8.0; PLL 40x/0.60/3.5; phase: PLL 10x/0 25/4 3 PHP2; PLL 20x/0.40/8.0 PHP2; PLL 40x/0.60/3.5 PHP2; parfocal distance: 45mm
Revolving nosepiece for 6 objectives
Working distance mm 4.3 (10х); 8.0 (20x); 3.5 (40x)
Interpupillary distance mm 48 — 75
Stage mm 227x208
Stage moving range mm 77/134.5
Condenser NA 0.6 working distance: 55mm; phase contrast turret; with locking screws
Diaphragm aperture iris diaphragm
Focus coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs located on both sides
Brightness adjustment yes
Operating temperature range °C 5 — 35
Type biological light/optical
Nozzle Siedentopf rotatable 180°
Magnification x 100–400 basic configuration (*optional: 100–500/600/800/1000)
Eyepieces 10х/22mm eye relief: 10mm (*optional: 10x/22mm with scale 12.5x/14; 15x/15; 20x/12; 25x/9)
Stage features fixed with mechanical attachment and glass plates Ø118mm; Ø118mm; cup holders: 86x129.5mm Ø87.5mm; 34x77.5mm Ø68.5mm; 57x82mm Ø60mm
Illumination halogen fluorescent
Power supply AC network 85–265V 50/60Hz
Light source type reflected light: 5W LED; transmitted light: 5W LED
Special features phase contrast condenser (turret) with a free slot and phase annuli plates for 10x 20x and 40x objectives; centering auxiliary microscope
User level experienced users professionals
Assembly and installation difficulty level complicated
Fluorescent module filters: ultraviolet (UV) violet (V) blue (B) green (G)
Fluorescence filter: filter type excitation wavelength/dichroic mirror/emission wavelength ultraviolet (UV) 320–380nm/425 nm/435 nm; violet (V) 380–415nm/455nm/475nm; blue (B) 450–490nm/505nm/515nm; green (G) 495–555nm/585nm/595nm
Application laboratory/medical
Illumination location dual
Research method bright field phase-contrast microscopy fluorescence
Pouch/case/bag in set dust cover

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