MAGUS Bio V300 is a biological microscope of an inverted design for studying samples in laboratory ware up to 70 mm high and with a bottom thickness up to 1.2 mm. The objects of study can be colonies of cells tissue cultures biological fluids etc. The samples do not require mandatory pre-staining. The observations are made in transmitted light. Microscopy techniques: brightfield and phase contrast. The microscope is suitable for routine and research work and teaching.


The microscope is equipped with a classic trinocular head the trinocular tube is used for mounting a digital camera. The camera is not included in the set. The beam splitting is 50/50.
Four included or additional objectives can be mounted in the revolving nosepiece. All objectives are designed to be used with laboratory ware and have a long working distance. There are 3 plan achromatic objectives for brightfield and 1 plan achromatic objective for the phase contrast technique.


The transmitted light source is a 9W LED. The high power of the LED makes the illumination of the working area bright enough to work with all objectives and with any microscopy technique. The brightness adjustment does not change the color temperature. The LED lifetime is about 50 000 hours without LED replacement. The condenser has a slot for a phase contrast slider (included). The phase contrast rings can be centered. The installation of the slider saves time when switching between the microscopy techniques.

Stage and focusing mechanism

Fixed mechanical stage. It is equipped with a dish holder (three dish holders of different sizes are included). The dishes can be moved along the X and Y axes by a mechanical attachment. The coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism provides accurate and fast focusing. The coarse focusing has a lock mechanism and tension adjustment.


The optional accessories line includes phase objectives eyepieces digital cameras and calibration slides.

Key features:

  • Brightfield and phase contrast microscopy techniques in the transmitted light; studying samples in laboratory ware
  • Digital camera is mounted in the trinocular tube
  • 9W LED transmitted light illuminator with adjustable brightness and a long lifetime
  • Fixed stage with two-axis movement 3 dish holders for different sizes included
  • Optional accessories to improve microscope performance

The kit includes:

  • Base with a power input transmitted light source focusing mechanism condenser and revolving nosepiece
  • Trinocular head
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PL 10x/0.25 WD 4.27mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PL 20х/0.40 WD 8.0mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PL 40х/0.60 WD: 3.5mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PHP2 10x/0.25 phase WD 4.27mm
  • Eyepieces 10x/22mm with long eye relief (2 pcs.)
  • Phase contrast slider with centering phase rings
  • Fixed stage.
  • Mechanical attachment for moving the specimen.
  • Dish holders (3 pcs.)
  • AC power cord
  • Dust cover
  • User manual and warranty card

Available on request:

  • 10x/22mm eyepiece with a scale
  • 12.5x/14mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 15x/15mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 20x/12mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 25x/9mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PHP2 20х/0.40 phase WD 8.0mm
  • Infinity plan achromatic objective: PHP2 40x/0.60 phase WD 3.5mm
  • Digital camera
  • Calibration slide
Warranty years 5
EAN 5905555018089
Package size (LxWxH) cm 64.7x42.7x67
Shipping Weight kg 18
Head trinocular
Revolving nosepiece for 4 objectives
Objectives infinity plan achromatic: PL 10x/0.25 PL 20x/0.40 PL 40x/0.60 PHP2 10x/0.25 phase; parfocal distance 45mm (*optional: PHP2 20x/0.40 phase PHP2 40x/0.60 phase)
Interpupillary distance mm 48 — 75
Working distance mm 4.27 (10x); 8.0 (20х); 3.5 (40x)
Stage moving range mm 77/112
Diaphragm adjustable aperture
Focus coaxial coarse (with coarse focusing tension adjustment and a lock knob) and fine (0.002mm)
Head inclination angle 45 °
Condenser NA 0.6 working distance: 70mm; with adjustable aperture diaphragm and a phase contrast slider slot
Brightness adjustment yes
Operating temperature range °C 5 — 35
Assembly and installation difficulty level complicated
Magnification range from 200x to 800x
Eyepiece tube diameter mm 30
Illumination location lower
Light source type 9W
Type biological light/optical
Nozzle Siedentopf
Magnification x 100–400 basic configuration (*optional: 100–500/600/800/1000)
Eyepieces 10х/22mm eye relief: 10mm (*optional: 10x/22mm with scale 12.5x/14; 15x/15; 20x/12; 25x/9)
Stage features fixed with mechanical attachment for moving the specimen; dish holders: 29x77mm Ø90mm; 34x77.5mm Ø68.5mm; 57x82mm Ø60mm
Illumination LED
Power supply 220±22V 50Hz AC network
Special features phase contrast slider for a 10x objective with a centerable phase ring
User level experienced users professionals
Application laboratory/medical
Research method bright field phase-contrast microscopy
Pouch/case/bag in set dust cover

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