The phase objective is aimed at studying living biological samples indistinguishable using the brightfield method. Due to staining microorganisms die and so the phase-contrast method is the only one that allows the examination of non-contrast biological samples. In addition to the objective you will need a phase condenser with a 40x ring diaphragm or a phase-contrast annuli plate with a ring for the corresponding objective magnification for its operation.

The objective is designed for installation on a biological or fluorescence inverted microscope and it will fit an infinity-corrected optical system. The parfocal distance is 45mm. Biological samples are studied in laboratory ware with a bottom thickness of 1.2mm.

It is compatible with eyepieces with magnification from 7.5x to 15x: in such a system the useful magnification of the microscope will be from 300x to 600x. A lower magnification of the eyepiece will not provide a detailed image; magnification above the 15x threshold will not be effective since it will not provide any new information.

The objective corrects optical distortions: chromatic in red and blue spherical in green. Distortion takes up 10% of the visible field. The large flat field works well when working with a digital camera or in a system with a 22mm eyepiece. A 10x/22mm eyepiece will provide a field of view of 0.55mm.


  • MAGUS Bio V300 Biological Inverted Microscope
  • MAGUS Bio V350 Biological Inverted Microscope
  • MAGUS Lum V500 Fluorescence Inverted Microscope
  • MAGUS Lum V500L Fluorescence Inverted Microscope
Lens material optical glass
Objective class by aberration correction degree plan achromatic
Tube length infinity-corrected (∞)
Contrast technique phase contrast
Magnification x 40
Aperture 0.60
Working distance mm 3.5
Parfocal distance mm 45
Bottom thickness mm 1.2
Spring-loaded frame +
Body material copper
Warranty 2 года
EAN 5905555020860
Package size (LxWxH) 7x4x4 cm
Shipping Weight 0.13 kg

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