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Levenhuk Zeno Read ZR12 Magnifier

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Levenhuk Zeno Read ZR12 Magnifier
Magnification: 4x. Lens diameter: 45x45mm. LED light

Levenhuk Zeno Read ZR12 Magnifier with a rectangular lens is ideal for reading books, magazines, newspapers, drafts, and geography maps. It is convenient for working with large photographs and engravings as well as for the detailed studying of particular areas.

All of the optical elements in this magnifier are made of plastic. The magnifier is lightweight in the hand. The lens delivers a sharp image without any blurs or aberrations. It features a variable inclination angle. There is an LED light next to the lens. The brightness is adjusted with a switch on the body. Batteries are required for powering the light (not included).

Magnifier for reading drafts and maps
Magnification: 4x
Lens is made of optical plastic
LED light with brightness adjustment

Lens diameter (dimensions), mm: 45x45
Magnification, x: 4
Optics material: ptical plastic
Body: plastic
Handle material: plastic
Backlight: LED
Power source: 2 AАA batteries (not included)
Additionally: light brightness adjustment (2 positions)
Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.
Application: reading/lookup
Design: with handle
Backlight: yes