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Levenhuk Zeno Handy ZH9 Magnifier

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Levenhuk Zeno Handy ZH9 Magnifier
Handheld. Magnification: 2/6x. Diameter: 90/21mm

The Levenhuk Zeno Handy ZH9 Magnifier is a classic handheld magnifier for studying small items. It is suitable for reading drafts and small font texts, examining defects in furniture and fabric, and for working with tiny objects. It is a perfect assistant in looking at photos or illustrations in albums as well as inspecting jewelry pieces and geography maps. The large lens diameter allows for working with wide areas all at once.

This magnifier is made of optical plastic. It provides a sharp image without blurring or aberrations. The magnifier features a plastic frame. The magnifier is lightweight, reliable, and conveniently held in the hand. You will not get tired even if you use a magnifier for hours.


Classic handheld magnifier of a large diameter
Two magnifications: 2x and 6x
Lightweight, ergonomic design


Lens diameter (dimensions), mm: 90
Inset lens diameter, mm: 21
Magnification, x: 2
Inset lens magnification, x: 6
Optics material: optical plastic
Body: plastic
Handle material: plastic
Additionally: lens type: bifocal
Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.
Application: reading/lookup
Design: with handle

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