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Levenhuk The Moon and Mars F2 Filter Set

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The Levenhuk The Moon and Mars F2 filter set includes two eyepiece filters for a telescope. One of them will be useful for studying the lunar surface, another – for viewing Mars and some other planets of the solar system. Light filters increase the contrast of the image, allowing for the more detailed observation of astronomical objects. Due to the special thread, different Levenhuk filters can be combined with each other. Both filters’ barrel diameter is 1.25”.

Levenhuk 1.25” Optical Filter #25 (Red)
The filter has a positive effect on the contrast of the image and is recommended for observing Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. It features low light transmission, so it is efficient only with telescopes with an aperture of 150mm or more. With this filter, you can see in detail the polar caps, dust clouds, and seas on Mars as well as the blue clouds of Saturn and Jupiter.

Levenhuk 1.25” Lunar Filter
It is a classic filter for observing the moon. It dims the brightness so that you can explore the lunar surface in more detail. Even with long observations, the eyes will not strain. This filter should be used if the phase of the moon is more than 80%, and it is always required when observing the full moon. It is effective on telescopes of any aperture.


  • Two light filters for a telescope
  • Levenhuk 1.25” optical filter #25 (red) is used for detail study of Mars, the atmosphere of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Lunar filter is used to enhance the contrast of the lunar surface image
  • A thread for combining different filters
  • 1.25” barrel diameter

The kit includes:

  • Filter #25 (Red)
  • Lunar filter
  • Plastic case for storage
Optics material optical glass
External thread (for installation in the eyepiece) yes, 1.25”
Internal thread (for combining different filters) yes
Operating temperature range, °C −5… 35
Usage General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty, years 0.5
Package size (LxWxH), cm 8x8x2
Shipping Weight, kg 0.05