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Levenhuk Rainbow DM500 LCD Digital Microscope

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The Levenhuk Rainbow DM500 LCD Digital Microscope is a device for studying objects of any degree of transparency. It is suitable for studying parts of plants, insects, and ready-to-use microscope slides. You can examine stones, coins, components of electronic devices and mechanisms. This microscope also allows you to capture images and videos. You can control this process using a wireless remote control.

The microscope is equipped with a rotatable 5-inch color LCD screen. It can be tilted at a small angle for convenient work. The microscope magnification varies from 7 to 200 times, while the optical magnification is in the range of 7 to 50 times. The microscope stage is equipped with clips for microscope slides. LED illumination is located on both sides of the stage, so you can work not only with opaque, but also with semi-transparent and completely transparent samples. The illumination brightness is adjustable.

Use the buttons on the microscope base to control the main functions. You can capture images and record videos using a wireless remote control. That is convenient when all the settings are already tuned, and it is important not to bust them by accidentally touching the device. You can capture high-resolution images and videos and save them to a memory card (purchased separately).

In addition, one of the main features of this model is the ability to work on battery. That makes the microscope mobile and allows you to work away from the power outlet.


  • Rotatable 5” color LCD screen
  • Image quality: 12Mpx, video quality: Full HD
  • LED light with brightness adjustment
  • The kit includes ready-to-use microscope slides
  • Wireless remote control for capturing images and recording videos
  • Up to 4 hours of battery life from one charge

The kit includes:

  • Microscope with an LCD screen
  • Stage with clips and blank slides
  • Infrared remote control
  • Ready-to-use microscope slides: 12 pcs.
  • Power cable
  • Network adapter
  • User manual and lifetime warranty