It is difficult to overestimate the capabilities of the Levenhuk Ra 300N Dob telescope. With this telescope, you can see thousands of objects in the night sky, many of them in detail. Only the weather or an unfavorable state of the atmosphere can spoil the rendered picture. However, in good conditions, it will show many astronomical beauties. All objects of the NGC catalog, the Moon, planets of the Solar system with satellites, comets, etc. are available for observation. The telescope is ideal for conducting astronomy observations in the countryside and will be a good choice for both a beginner and an experienced astronomer.

Parabolic primary mirror with an aluminum coating

The primary mirror diameter is 300mm. It is parabolic, so optical distortion is minimized. The optics create a clear picture up to the maximum magnification. The aluminum coating has a reflectivity index of 92~96%. The optical component of this telescope is truly unrivaled. In addition, it features a dual-speed Crayford Focuser so that the focus can be smoothly adjusted.

Active cooling of optics for faster temperature stabilization

There is a cooling fan on the back of the telescope tube. It is used to speed up the process of temperature stabilization. Under normal conditions, it can take several hours for the optics to equalize with the ambient temperature. However, active cooling will almost halve this time. The fan is powered by batteries (purchased separately).

Dobsonian mount with an improved brake system side bearing for smooth tube movement

The Dobsonian mount has been significantly improved in comparison with the classic mounts of this type. A special brake system side bearingallows you to move the optical tube smoothly. You can move the optical tube a few centimeters up or down when using heavy eyepieces or an optional finder. There are scales on the mount sides for convenient balancing. The bearings have a more robust design, and so they will run smoothly throughout their entire service life.

Quick start kit

Besides the optical tube and mount, the kit includes a 9mm eyepiece, 30mm eyepiece, and 8x50mm finder. They will allow you to start observations right away.


  • Newtonian reflector with a 300mm primary parabolic mirror
  • Special aluminum coating with a reflectivity index of 92~96%
  • Active cooling for faster temperature stabilization and battery operation
  • Dual-speed Crayford focuser for precise focus adjustments
  • Easy-to-use Dobsonian mount, brake system side bearing for smooth tube movement
  • Minimum optical distortion, high aperture, and user-friendly design

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube
  • Dobsonian mount
  • Plössl 9mm eyepiece
  • Super View 30mm eyepiece
  • Finder 8x50mm
  • Finder scope base
  • Cooling fan
  • User manual and lifetime warranty
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty, years lifetime
Package size (LxWxH), cm 170x52x52
Shipping Weight, kg 43.0

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