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Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope

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Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope is designed for young explorers who do not want to stop their astronomical observations even for a minute! This model is compact and lightweight and a kid will be able to take it to the countryside to a school or in the yard. The maximum magnification of this telescope is 60x which allows studying the whole Solar system its planets and the Moon and even far nebulas and galaxies.

Levenhuk LabZZ D1 is a Newtonian reflector with coated optics. It provides a sharp and clear image without chromatic aberrations or flares. The best result is always achieved away from city lights where you will be able to see more details of the observed objects. The optical tube is installed on a tabletop Dobsonian mount that can be rotated 360 degrees and moved up and down. This type of mount does not demand any special skills – a young astronomer will be able to handle it without effort.

The kit includes two eyepieces and a Barlow lens. You can purchase additional accessories to use the full potential of Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope.


  • Maximum magnification of the included lens is 60x
  • Easy-to-use 360° rotatable tabletop Dobsonian mount
  • Excellent choice for beginners in astronomy
  • Coated optics
  • Minimum of chromatic aberrations

The kit includes:

  • Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope
  • H10 eyepiece 1.25'
  • H20 eyepiece 1.25'
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • User manual and lifetime warranty
Brand Levenhuk Inc. USA
Warranty years lifetime
EAN 0611901505701
Package size (LxWxH) cm 25x25x36
Shipping Weight kg 1.91
Optical design reflector
Optical scheme Newtonian
Optics material optical glass
Optics coating fully multi-coated
Primary mirror diameter (aperture) mm 76.0
Focal length mm 300
Highest practical power x 152.0
Aperture ratio f/3.95
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.5
Eyepieces H6mm (50х) H20mm (15x)
Eyepiece barrel diameter in 1.25
Barlow lens 2x
Telescope control manual
Mount Dobsonian tabletop 360° rotatable
Optical tube material aluminum
User level for children
Assembly and installation difficulty level extremely simple
Observed object planets of the Solar System