The Levenhuk DTX RC3 Remote Controlled Microscope is designed for observing and measuring objects. The image can be displayed on the built-in LCD screen, computer monitor or TV – the HDMI cable is already included in the kit. This microscope is a great choice for equipping a service center or a watchmaker’s or jeweler’s workshop. It also helps you perform work faster with less effort.

5” color LCD screen
Microscope provides digital magnification in the range of 5 to 260 times. The optical magnification varies from 5 to 15 times. The image from the objective is displayed on a built-in 5-inch color LCD screen. The image is clear, high-contrast, and detailed. HDMI and AV ports are used for output to external screens.

High-resolution images and videos
This microscope also allows you to capture images and record videos. That allows for creating digital archives of research and optimally systematizing the results of work. Images and videos come in high quality: you get up to 12Mpx images and Full HD videos. Data is stored on a memory card (purchased separately).

The lighting system on flexible holders
The lighting system is located above the microscope stage and, therefore, all research is conducted in reflected light. Two LED spotlights are mounted on flexible holders. They allow for tilting the spotlights, thereby creating more voluminous and bright lighting. Brightness can be adjusted with the knob on the power cable.

Multifunctional remote control
All of the necessary options are duplicated to the wireless remote control. You can use it for adjusting the magnification and brightness of the lighting, capturing images, recording videos, and much more. The remote control allows you to keep a distance from the microscope and use its capabilities. That is practical during presentations, lectures, or group research.

Connecting to a computer and a program for conducting measurements
The microscope can be connected to a computer for image output as well as for using a program for measuring objects.


  • Optical and digital magnification
  • 5” color LCD screen
  • The image observed through the objective can be displayed on a laptop screen, an external monitor, or a TV screen
  • Compatible with the program for measuring objects
  • Ability to capture images and videos in high quality
  • LED spotlights on flexible holders
  • Multifunctional remote control, practical for holding presentations

The kit includes:

  • Microscope with an LCD screen
  • Infrared remote control
  • UV filter
  • Power cable with a switch and lighting brightness adjustment knob
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Network adapter
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

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