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Levenhuk DTX 43 Digital Magnifier

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Levenhuk DTX 43 Digital Magnifier

Magnification: 6–14x (6x, 8x, 10x, and 14x). Display diagonal: 4.3".

Levenhuk DTX 43 Digital Magnifier is a modern tool for the visually impaired or for anyone who works with texts and small illustrations. It has four fixed magnifications that range from 6x to 14x, and is equipped with LED illumination that allows you to clearly see the image on the screen, even in total darkness. In addition, there are seven color modes available. You can read text from the built-in LCD screen or from an external screen. The device can be connected to a computer or TV via USB and HDMI cables. The instrument allows you to take pictures while reading then save them to the hard disk of the connected computer or to the installed memory card.

An integrated battery is used to power the magnifier, so it can operate up to 120 minutes without recharging. While at home, you can connect the magnifier to an electrical outlet via an AC adapter. The digital magnifier Levenhuk DTX 43 is an excellent choice for both work and hobby.


LCD-screen 4.3'

7 color modes

TV or PC connection

Battery life up to 120 minutes without recharging

LED illumination

Memory card support

Freeze-frame function

Photographing capability

Foldable stand

The kit includes:

Digital magnifier




Li-ion battery


Cleaning wipe

User manual and lifetime warranty


Magnification, x: 6–14 (6x, 8x, 10x, and 14x)

Illumination: LED

Power supply: adapter: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 5 V;
Li-ion 950mAh battery: work time – 120 min, charging time – 150 min

Additional: LCD-screen 4.3'; manual focus, 10–500 mm; support of microSD cards (4–64 Gb)

Ability to connect additional equipment: TV via TV-cable; computer via USB 2.0 cable