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Levenhuk Blitz 203 PLUS Telescope

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The Levenhuk Blitz 203 PLUS telescope is a powerful, high-aperture optical instrument for observing space and astrophotography. It is designed for the ambitious beginner who wants to explore all of the secrets of the universe. The telescope renders a great image of nebulae and star clusters as well as allows you to view the planets of the solar system and their satellites. As the lunar and solar filters are included, it is ideal for Moon and Sun observations.

The telescope uses a Newtonian reflector scheme, it features a spherical primary mirror. Due to the short focal length, the optics deliver a crisp and bright field of view. High aperture allows you to use the telescope for astrophotography. The lenses are made of optical glass with an anti-reflective coating. All of this ensures the transmission of a clear and crisp image.

The equatorial mount is moved smoothly and softly; the optical tube is attached reliably and durably. The tripod is made of aluminum; it stands securely even on rough ground. The tripod height is adjustable. You can install an accessory tray in the middle of it.

CAUTION! Never look directly at the Sun – even for an instant – through your telescope or finderscope without a professionally made solar filter that completely covers the front of the instrument; otherwise, permanent eye damage may result.


  • High-aperture Newtonian reflector
  • Suitable for observations and astrophotography
  • Ideal for deep sky exploration
  • Solar filter included
  • Reinforced hand-operated equatorial mount

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube
  • PL 6.5mm eyepiece
  • PL 25mm eyepiece
  • Finder 6x30
  • Equatorial mount
  • Slow-motion control knobs
  • Counterweight bar
  • Counterweight
  • Tube ring
  • Aluminum mount with an accessory tray
  • Lunar filter
  • Solar filter
  • User manual and lifetime warranty
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty, years lifetime
Package size (LxWxH), cm 78x48.5x37
Optical design reflector
Optical scheme Newtonian
Optics material optical glass
Optics coating anti-reflective
Primary mirror diameter (aperture), mm 203.0
Lens (mirror) shape spherical
Focal length, mm 800
Highest practical power, x 406.0
Aperture ratio f/4
Resolution threshold, arcseconds 4
Limiting stellar magnitude 13.64
Eyepieces Plössl 25mm (32x), Plössl 6.5 (123x)
Eyepiece barrel diameter, in 1.25
Finderscope optical, 6x30
Focuser rack & pinion
Filters included lunar filter
Solar filter included True
Tripod aluminum
Tripod height (adjustable), mm 600–930
Accessory tray True
Telescope control manual
Mount equatorial, EQ4
Optical tube mounting mode fastening rings
Optical tube material metal
User level beginners
Assembly and installation difficulty level easy
Observed object deep-sky objects, the Sun
Extended kit True