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Levenhuk 7S NG Monocular Microscope

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Levenhuk 7S NG Monocular Microscope
Magnification: 40–800х. Abbe condenser, an iris diaphragm and light filters

Levenhuk 7S NG Microscope is an optical tool that will help a beginner biologist study the micro world and perform scientific experiments. The microscope is designed for school children and kids who are keen on biology and who are interested in the comprehensive study of the world around us. With Levenhuk 7S NG, you can study prepared microscope slides, explore one-cell protozoa, and observe transparent cuts of organic and inorganic material.

The optical elements are made of glass. The revolving nosepiece admits three objective lenses with different magnification: you can install any eyepieces with a rim diameter of 23,2 mm inside the eyepiece tube. You can adjust the sharpness with the fine and coarse focusing knobs, and move the microscope slides on the stage with an installed mechanical scale.


The illumination system deserves special attention. It consists of a mirror, an Abbe condenser, an iris diaphragm and some light filters. It does not require auxiliary power, making the optical tool safer.


The microscope body is made of metal. It is sturdy, reliable and durable.


Microscope for studies and hobby
All-glass optics
Simple and durable design
Sturdy metal body
Revolving nosepiece for three objective lenses
Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm
Three light filters (blue, green, yellow)
Mechanical scale
Mirror illumination that does not require AC supply

The kit includes:
Objective lenses: 4x, 10x, 40x
Eyepieces: 10x, 20x
User manual and lifetime warranty

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