The Ermenrich Seek TV50 is suitable for a wide range of applications. When inspecting electrical equipment with a thermal camera hidden faults such as overheated contacts can be detected. The Ermenrich Seek TV50 helps to find thermal leaks in facades and foundations when inspecting industrial and residential buildings. It can be used in construction work to control the installation of underfloor heating radiators and water heaters. The thermal camera can also be helpful in car service and repair as well as pest control (when looking for pest infestations in a building). The temperature measuring range of the Ermenrich Seek TV50 ranges from −20 to +400°C (−4 to +752°F).

The thermal camera is equipped with a 32x32pix thermal imaging sensor (1024pix total) and a 2Mpix visible light camera. There are 4 modes available: infrared mode infrared edge detection mode dual light vision mode and visible light mode. You can also choose between 7 color palettes. The image is displayed on the built-in color screen. The operation and settings are controlled by four buttons under the screen and one button on the handle. There is an image capture function – photos are stored on a memory card.

The device is handheld; no tripod mount is provided. The power source is a rechargeable battery.

Key features:

  • 32x32pix thermal imaging sensor and 2Mpix camera adjustable emissivity
  • 7 color palettes 4 modes including the fusion of visible and IR image
  • High measurement accuracy ranging from −20 to +400°C (−4 to +752°F)
  • Image capture function the data is stored on a memory card
  • Shockproof body powered by a rechargeable battery

The kit includes:

  • Thermal camera
  • 16GB memory card
  • Micro USB cable
  • Pouch
  • User manual and warranty card
Brand Ermenrich
Warranty years 5
EAN 5905555016894
Package size (LxWxH) cm 8x23x14
Shipping Weight kg 0.5
Type of thermo vision device manual
Resolution of microbolometer matrix px 32х32
Spectral range μm 8–14
Frame rate ≤9
Temperature measuring range °С -20 — 400
Temperature error % accuracy: 0... +400°C: ±1.8°C (32… 752°F: ±3.3°F); −20... −0.9°C: ±3°C (−4… +30°F: ±4.5°F) resolution: 0.1°C (°F)
Temperature sensitivity (NETD) mK 150
Color palettes hot black hot white hot red red iron cold colored rainbow lava
Field of view (horizontal)x(vertical) ° 33 (horizontal) 18mrad (instant)
Fusion of optical and thermal imagery +
Display LCD 2.4” TFT
Display resolution px 320x240
Operating mode IR mode IR edge detection mode Dual light vision mode Visible light mode
Power supply 2600mAh 3.7V charging via a micro USB cable (included)
Maximum load (impact) g drop from a height of up to 1m (3.3ft)
Operating temperature range °C -10 — 45
Built-in recorder yes
Memory 16GB memory card (included)
Image format *.bmp
Interface connectors microUSB
Pouch/case/bag in set pouch
Additional AUTO OFF function a low battery indicator camera resolution: 2Mpix adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 0.99 response time: 150ms

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