The Ermenrich NetGeeks NP30 cable tester is designed for checking network cables locating open circuits and measuring the length of a cable. The device will come in handy for anyone who installs troubleshoots and maintains computer networks and telephone lines but it can also be used for household needs.

The Ermenrich NetGeeks NP30 can be used for testing network telephone coaxial and other types of cables. It can be used to check for open circuits and short circuits as well as reversed and crossed pairs. There is a Port Flash function that enables you to find the exact port on the network switch or router to which the target cable is connected. The length measurement is available for LAN cables ranging from 5 to 350 meters (from 16 to 1150ft) and with an accuracy of 5%. There is also an option to calibrate the device to improve the accuracy of measurements. The cable tester can also measure the distance to open circuits.

The set includes a transmitter receiver remote unit and additional accessories. The transmitter and receiver require a 9V battery each.

Key features:

  • Cable length measurement by measuring the capacitance of a cable
  • Can be calibrated to improve measurement accuracy
  • Cable diagnostics: open circuits crossed pairs short circuits
  • Locating an open circuit measuring the distance to it
  • Port Flash function for detecting the exact port on the network switch or router to which the target cable is connected

The kit includes:

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Remote unit
  • RJ11 patch cord
  • RJ45 patch cord
  • Alligator clip
  • DC cable
  • Earbuds
  • Carry bag
  • User manual and warranty card
Brand Ermenrich
Warranty years 5
EAN 5905555016832
Package size (LxWxH) cm 8.5x23x13.5
Shipping Weight kg 0.65
Cable length measurement yes
Cable tracing yes
Voltage polarity detection yes
Measuring range m 5 — 350
Error 5 (±0.5m/1.6ft)
Measuring the distance to open circuits yes
Display resolution px 128x128
Display backlight yes
Low battery status indicator yes
Operating humidity range % 20…70
Adjustable sensitivity yes
Flash light yes
Operating humidity range % 20…70
Ports RJ45 (main) RJ45 (scan) BNC RJ11 (scan) Flash USB (scan) power supply
Tracing cable types telephone coaxial common wires STP/UTP (CAT5E CAT6 CAT6A CAT7) network cable
Testing cable types coaxial common wires STP/UTP (CAT5E CAT6 CAT6A) network cable
Cable testing + (open circuits short circuits crossed pairs reversed pairs split pairs crosstalk)
Port flash function +
Measuring method by measuring the capacitance of a cable
Units of measurement m ft
Calibration +
Minimum cable length for calibration m (ft) 10 (32.8)
Calibration error % 2 (±0.5m/1.6ft)
Maximum operating current mA <150
Protection input voltage: 48V current: 5mA
Display LCD
Power supply 9V battery (not included)
Auto power off 15 min 60 min 120 min 30 min
Operating temperature range °C −10… +60 (14… 140)
Ports BNC RJ45 earbuds
Power supply 9V battery (not included)
Operating temperature range °C −10… +60 (14… 140)

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