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Bresser MyTime Bath Waterproof Wall Clock, white

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The Bresser MyTime Bath clock impresses with it’s modern design. The dial is kept intentionally simple and is a nice contrast to the seconds hand in red. The clock has a classy frame in brushed aluminum. In addition to the time display, this bathroom commodity also features a digital temperature display (°C/°F). Of course, the clock is splashproof and therefore suitable for use in damp locations. It is mounted either on the wall with suction cups or on a flat surface by means of the stand. Rear suction cups and a stand are included.

The bathroom clock is operated with 1 AA battery and thus can be set up at almost any place.


  • Radio controlled clock
  • Room temperature (°C/°F)
  • Splashproofed
  • Suction cups for wall-mounting
  • Stand
  • Powered by batteries

The kit includes:

  • Clock
  • Stand
  • 4 suction cups
  • User manual
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty, years 2
Package size (LxWxH), cm 20x19.5x7
Shipping Weight, kg 0.48
Usage location indoors
Type clock
Built-in features clock, thermometer
Design tabletop, wall mounted, mechanical, digital, wireless
=== Delimiter === Thermometer (temperature)
Units of measurement °C, °F
Measuring range indoors 0…+60 °C
=== Delimiter === Clock (time/date/calendar)
Clock True
Crystal-controlled clock True
Time format 12 hours
Auto synchronization DCF (CET)
=== Delimiter === General specifications
Screen type clock dial, monochrome
Number of screens 2
Power supply 1 AA battery, 1.5V (not included)
Body aluminum
Body color white, matte
Waterproof True