Permanent preparations are ready made conserved preparations. For high contrast the most of them are stained.

The prepared slides are marked with english and german descriptions. A printed list of the contents is included.

The kit includes:

  • 100 prepared slides
  • Wooden box
The slides set includes:
1 Three Types of Bacteria  51 Hydra L.S. 
2 Penicillium,W.M. 52 Planaria, C.S. 
3 Aspergillus,W.M. 53 Schistosoma Male W.M. 
4 Rhizopus, W.M.  54 Schistosoma Female, W.M. 
5 Actinomyces, W.M.  55 Ascaris Egg W.M. 
6 Chlamydomonas, W.M.  56 Earthworm W.M. 
7 Diatoms, W.M.  57 Snake Skin, W.M. 
8 Stellato-Pilosus W.M.  58 Daphnia Sp W.M. 
9 Spirogyra, W.M.  59 Rotifer W.M. 
10 Spirogyra Conjugation, W.M.  60 Mosquito Female Mouth Parts W.M. 
11 Lichenrons Ox, Sec.  61 Honey Bee Mouth parts, W.M. 
12 Fern Leaf, Sec.  62 Honey Bee Hind Leg, W.M. 
13 Fern Prothallium, W.M.  63 Butterfly Mouth Parts W.M. 
14 Leaf of Winther Jasmine, C.S.  64 Musca Mouth Parts, W.M. 
15 Elodes Stem, C.S.  65 Grasshopper Mouth Parts W.M. 
16 Elodes Leaf, C.S.  66 Ant W.M. 
17 Pine Leaf, C.S.  67 Fish Scale W.M. 
18 Pinus Male Strobile, L.S.  68 Planaria C.S. 
19 Pinus Female Strobile L.S.  69 Trachea 
20 Rubber Tree Leaf, C.S.  70 Clam Gill C.S. 
21 Corn Root Tip, L.S.  71 Blood Smear Human 
22 Vicia Faba Young Root C.S.  72 Blood Smear Fish 
23 Corn Stem, C.S.  73 Ciliated Epithelium Sec. 
24 Corn Stem, L.S.  74 Simple Flat Epthelium W.M. 
25 Cucurbita Stem, C.S.  75 Stratified Flat Epthelium W.M. 
26 Cucurbita Stem, L.S.  76 Mitosis Horse Ascaris Eggs 
27 Helianthus Stem, C.S.  77 Small Intestine, C.S. 
28 Moss Antheridia L.S.  78 Dense Bone Sec. 
29 Moss Archegonia, L.S.  79 Tendon Dog Sec. 
30 Moss Protonemata W.M.  80 Loose Connective Tissue, W.M. 
31 Basswood Stem C.S.  81 Skeletal Muscle L.S, C.S. 
32 Basswood Stem L.S.  82 Cardiac Muscle Sec. 
33 Pelargonium Stem C.S.  83 Spinal Cord C.S. 
34 Vicia Dicot Leaf W.M.  84 Motor Neurous W.M 
35 Pollen Germination W.M.  85 Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation W.M. 
36 Pollen W.M.  86 Lungs Sec. 
37 Tomato Fruit Sec.  87 Stomach Sec. 
38 Cymbidium Aerial Root C.S.  88 Liver Sec. 
39 Mitosis Onion Root Tip Cells  89 Lymph Node Sec. 
40 Corn Seed With Endosperm L.S.  90 Lung With Blood Vessels Injected Rat 
41 Plasmodesma Sec.  91 Kidney With Blood Vessels Injected Rat Sec. 
42 Lily Ovary C.S.  92 Kidney Rat L.S. 
43 Lily Anther C.S.  93 Testis Sec. 
44 Lily Leaf C.S.  94 Ovary Cat Sec. 
45 Capsella Old Embryo Sec.  95 Squamous Epithelium Smear 
46 Capsella Young Embryo Sec.  96 DNA RNA 
47 Allium Scale Epidermis, W.M.  97 Pancreas Gland, Sec. 
48 Euglena W.M.  98 Frog Egg Sec. 
49 Paramecium W.M.  99 Human Chromosome (Male) 
50 Hydra W.M.  100 Human Chromosome (Female)
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty, years 0.5
Package size (LxWxH), cm 22.5x19.5x3.5
Shipping Weight, kg 0.81

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