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Bresser Messier EXOS-2/EQ5 Mount

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Bresser Messier EXOS-2/EQ5 Mount is a rigid mount with precision tracking for astronomy observations and astrophotography. The tripod suppresses vibrations and provides a stable stand. It is well-machined and has an illuminated polar finderscope. The BRESSER EXOS 2 can bear the weight of up to 13 kg. With it, you can use refractors of up to 152 mm aperture and reflectors of up to 203 mm aperture.


  • EXOS II GoTo Weight: 4.5 kg (without counterweight shaft, which weighs 1 kg)
  • Load capacity: 13 kg
  • Tripod weight: 4.9 kg
  • Tripod maximum height: 108 cm

The kit includes:

  • Mount
  • Tripod with adjustable height
  • 2x flexible shaft
  • Polar finderscope
  • 4.5 kg counterweight
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty, years 2
Package size (LxWxH), cm 27x88x54
Shipping Weight, kg 19.5