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Bresser 2x/4x 88/20mm Magnifier, with clamp

Bresser 2x/4x 88/20mm Magnifier, with clamp

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Bresser 2x/4x 88/20mm Magnifier is an excellent device for handicraft or precision work. This magnifier will become indispensable for soldering, driving screws, sticking or other craftwork. The magnifier can be securely fixed to tables, racks, boards, etc., with a maximum thickness of 4 cm. Also, the two fold-out wings in the clamp allow you to place Bresser 2x/4x 88/20mm Magnifier anywhere you want – on any desk or work bench. The 2-fold lens is large with a diameter of 88 mm; a smaller lens with 4-fold magnification is built-in to view more tiny details. Two LED lamps ensure a good illumination of the objects.


  • Versatile third hand magnifier with flexible arms and LED illumination
  • 2-fold magnification with large lens (8,8 cm)
  • 4-fold magnification with small lens (2 cm)
  • Goose neck about 21 cm (without stand and lens)
  • Flexible arms, about 25 cm length, maximum opening about 1 cm
  • Table stand and clamp (max. 4 cm)
  • Total length: about 35 cm / weight: 320 g

The kit includes:

  • Magnifier with stand/clamp and illumination
  • 2 removable, flexible arms
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • User guide
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty, years 10
Package size (LxWxH), cm 10x35x10
Shipping Weight, kg 0.35
Optics material plastic (ABS)
Lens diameter (dimensions), mm 88
Inset lens diameter, mm 14
Magnification, x 2
Inset lens magnification, x 4
Body plastic, aluminum
Lighting is available True
Illumination LED
Power supply 3 AAA batteries, 1.5V (included)
Application watch repair/jewelry, sewing/textile, reading/viewing
Design tabletop/on a tripod
Additional flexible tripod, clamp holder, pouch included, 2 LEDs

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