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LUNT LS100FHa H-alpha Double-stack Solar Filter

LUNT LS100FHa H-alpha Double-stack Solar Filter

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This double-stack Etalon is compatible to all Lunt Solar Systems LS100FHa filter-systems. Also the LS100THa H-alpha solar telescopes can be very easily double-stacked by using this 100mm double-stack filter. This combination offers high quality double-stacking to the observer. Adding this additional double-stack Etalon system will reduce the bandwidth to <0.55 Angstrom. So you will have much more contrast and more details on the sun will be visible.

Without blocking filter! Only for use as double-stack filter, or together with a additional available blocking filter. If the filter is used only single stacked together with a optional blocking filter, then the bandwidth is <0.7 Angstrom.

The kit includes:

  • LS100FHa Solar Filter
  • Transport case
Aperture, mm 100
Bandwidth double stacked <0.55 Angstrom
Tuning tiltable Etalon
Housing diameter, mm 162
Front thread M120x1.5 female thread
Rear thread M120x1.5 male thread
Brand LUNT Solar Systems
Warranty, years 2
Shipping Weight, kg 2.75