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Levenhuk LabZZ BT10 Bug Catcher

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Levenhuk LabZZ BT10 is a safe and easy to use bug catcher. It is suitable for kids who have just started to learn about the world of nature as well as for adult amateur entomologists. The bug catcher allows you to gently remove an insect from the surface of the ground, a wall, or a plant leaf. After the insect is trapped, you can then move it to a killing jar or a bug can in order to study the magnified object. The trap is made of durable and damage resistant ABS-plastic.

With the Levenhuk LabZZ BT10 Bug Catcher, entomology becomes an activity that is not only fun but also safe. The insects will not be able to bite or sting the researcher while being captured. Its practical design with two holders simplifies the process of collecting insects; a transparent sphere box makes it possible to examine a beetle or a grasshopper without damaging it. This is important for collecting insects in case you decide to eventually release them back into the wild.

Key features:

  • Lightweight pocket-sized tool for amateur entomologists
  • It prevents kids from being bitten or stung by insects
  • Catching insects with a bug catcher is faster and more efficient than with your bare hands
  • Thanks to its bright color, it won’t easily get lost outside
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty, years 2
EAN 0785104930964
Package size (LxWxH), cm 14x7.5x4
Shipping Weight, kg 0.03