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Explore Scientific Solarix A4 Filter Film

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Watch solar eclipses, sunspots, planet transits, crossing aircrafts and satellites. Suitable for making your individual solar filter for telescopes, binoculars, photo- and video cameras.

Explore Scientific Solarix A4 – new developed solar filter film that has the optical quality of the glass with the advantages of impregnated polymer.


  • Collateral protection by using impregnated polymer and additional filter coated surface
  • Creates a very natural and yellow solar image
  • Also qualified for high magnifications
  • Consistent brightness and even density with any aperture
  • Ideal for visual observing and photographic use
  • Light weight and does not require re-balancing tube assembly
  • Flat surface compared to other thin film filters that have wrinkles and creases
  • Resistant against any damage
  • Construction manual included for making your individual solar filter and eclipse glasses
  • 100% safe

The kit includes:

  • Solar filter film, A4 size
  • Hard carton stencil for cutting out a telescope filter holder and eclipse glasses
  • Contruction- and Instruction manual

Additional materials which need to be purchased separately:

  • Double sided gluing tape
  • Universal adhessive glue
  • Paper scissor
Material thickness 0.05mm
Optical density 5
Optical transmission 1/1000 of 1% (99.999% incoming light blocked)
Dimension A4 (210x297mm)
Brand Explore Scientific
Warranty, years 0.5
Package size (LxWxH), cm 31.5x24x0.2
Shipping Weight, kg 0.16