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Pulsar Ultra-X850S IR

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PULSAR Ultra X-850 XS. Far-reaching and powerful

The wavelength of PULSAR Ultra XS-850 is 850 nm. The sensors of the digital night vision devices are extremely sensitive in this wavelength range. This makes the IR illuminator particularly effective for observing distant objects.

Fine adjustment of the beam position in the scope's field of view
The design of the IR illuminator allows the user to adjust the position of the beam (the direction of the light) in the scope's field of view. As a result, the observed image is evenly illuminated. To direct the beam position, weaken the locking lever and move the optics block to the appropriate position. The optical block is fixed in the selected position by turning the lever back. The adjustment takes a few seconds and does not require any extra tools.

setting The three-stage setting of the radiant power enables optimal illuminance to be achieved. The setting is made by sequentially switching the button on the housing of the device.

The infrared illuminator connects to Forward F455s digital night vision devices and Digisight Ultra N455 / Digisight Ultra N455 LRF riflescopes through the contact group and is in the entire digital device feed system. The information about the current radiated power is shown in the status line on the display of the digital device.

It only takes a few seconds to mount the PULSAR Ultra-850 XS/ 940 XS infrared emitter on the rifle scope. Thanks to the bayonet mount, the IR emitter is attached quickly, easily and reliably.

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