A step forward in thermal vision
The operational range of Helion 2 thermal imaging scopes includes professional and semi-professional applications, including hunting, scouting and rescue operations. hunters looking for game in the forest; Hiking lovers who want to protect their campsite at night; security officers looking for suspects; civil protection officers searching for survivors or missing persons; - the functionality of the Pulsar Helion offers the right choice for all purposes.

High-resolution 640x480 thermal imaging sensor
The Helion XP are equipped with the uncooled microbolometric array 640x480px sensor, 17 µm, for a highly detailed image.

Built-in VCR
For video and photo recording during the observation, the Helion thermal imaging devices are equipped with a video recorder. The files are stored in the internal memory and can be transferred to your PC or smartphone via cable or via Wi-Fi.

Observation distance 1800 meters
The effective range of an object of size (1.8x0.5 m) in field conditions (a person in outerwear, in the field with the forest in the background) is up to 1800 meters, depending on the model.

B pack power supply
Helion thermal imaging devices have an autonomous B-Pack power supply. It consists of a quick-change IPS7 power supply unit that guarantees 10-13 hours of operation in the most activated mode. Powerful IPS14 battery packs, as well as CR123A and AA battery compartments are also available and ensure flawless operation mode.

Stadiametric Rangefinder
Helion has a built-in stadiametric rangefinder, displayed as a scale, that precisely measures and measures the distance to the observed object of a certain size (deer - 1.7 m; wild boar - 0.7 m; hare - 0.3 m). displayed on the screen.

hue palettes
In addition to the popular “white hot” and “black hot” mapping, the Helion offers 8 color tone palettes for accurate color rendering of the temperature map. Transitioning from a color palette to the default “white hot” function is also quick and easy.

Remote Control and Live Internet Streaming
A highlight of Helion is the ability to connect the unit to Android or iOS mobile devices with the Stream Vision app enabled via Wi-Fi. Stream Vision App Firmware connects your Helion thermal imaging device to Android/iOS smartphone or tablet and allows you to receive recorded files in real-time mode, control your Helion remotely using your smartphone, as well as upload recorded videos to YouTube online.

Variable Magnification
Helion thermal imagers have variable magnifications, up to 20x depending on the model, with a 2x and increasing zoom for an optimal field of view.

High frame rate
Thanks to the high frame rate (50 Hz), the Helion thermal imaging devices are particularly well suited for moving objects.

Absolutely waterproof
Helion thermal imaging devices can be operated in precipitation of any intensity. Thanks to IPX7 (IEC 60529), heavy rain or snow will not cause any damage.

Upgradable firmware
The Stream Vision App, compatible with iOS and Android, was developed for the initial installation and additional updates. Stream Vision always provides you with the latest versions of the firmware.

External power supply
Helion thermal imaging devices have a micro-USB interface that enables external power supply units such as power banks to be powered. The power bank supplies the device even in extremely cold weather and protects it from rapid discharge.

user interface
The Helion 2 was designed to be easy to use. The devices have a simple menu, an easy-to-read display, can be steered with pictograms and are characterized by an alphanumeric status line in the upper part of the display. Internal menu items are mapped onto the high-contrast background so you can set up your device without losing sight of what's happening.

Power saving mode
If the observation is to be stopped for a short time, the user can activate the power saving function (switching off the display). This function guarantees the shooter to avoid unmasking by the residual light from the device. Of course, also between observation approaches and a new start. (The display remains off, while all other systems continue to function. To activate the device, simply turn on the display).

Large temperature range
The frost-resistant AMOLED display with a resolution of 640x480 pixels ensures trouble-free operation at extreme temperatures of -25°C - +50°C.

remote control (optional)
An ergonomically designed remote control panel with a control wheel offers absolutely simple control.

Effective sensor temperature stabilization
The cooling fins on the device housing prevent the sensor and other components from overheating.

Export of this device may be subject to export regulations. Therefore, before exporting to another country, check the necessary steps.


Field of application
Field of application
  • fishing
  • Boating/Navigation
  • Camping and outdoors
  • Speleology
  • hunt
  • Security
  • Search and rescue
  • Wildlife observation
Type monocular
Magnification from 2.5
Magnification up to 20
Material Lenses germanium
Field of view 12.4 degrees
Field of view (m/100m) min. 21.8
Close focus 5 m
Range of detection 1800m
Function ''Display off''
color palette
Batteries needed B Pack (18650 Li-ion)
Batteries included
Battery lifetime 10 h
Internal memory 16 GB
ScreenType AMOLED
resolution 640 x 480 pixels
framerate 50Hz
Image File Format jpeg
video format AVI
interfaces MicroUSB
Level of protection IPX7
Stream Vision compatible
  • automatically
  • Semi automatic
  • manual
Tripod adapter thread
Temperature range minimum (°C) -25
Temperature range max. (°C) 50
colour black
Total length 234mm
Total width 55mm
Total height 58mm
Net weight (without access.) 500g

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