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Nexcope NIB620 professional, inverted laboratory microscope with phase contrast

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Inverted microscopes are primarily used for inspecting cultures. The NEXCOPE NIB620 is the ideal professional microscope for this purpose.
The specimen is illuminated from above and inspected from underneath. This inverted design enables microscopy of plankton, microalgae and cell cultures. For example, the microscope can be used to examine organisms on the base of petri dishes that cannot be turned over.
This special microscope can be used in a wide range of applications, such as water management agencies, research institutes and universities, human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, marine biology, limnology and aquaculture.
The inverted design prevents the lenses from coming into contact with the fluid. The specimen does not need to be covered, and the coating thickness is irrelevant.

The NEXCOPE NIB620 microscope is equipped with a 5x nosepiece. It comes with a planachromatic 4x lens as well 10x, 20x and 40x planachromatic phase contrast lenses.

The eyepieces have a 22 mm field of view. This produces a wide-angle image. The high eyepiece head is ideal for spectacle wearers. A rubber edge provides protection upon eye contact. A dioptre compensation of -5 to +5 can be set individually for each eyepiece.
The interpupillary distance can be adjusted between 48 mm and 75 mm.

The powerful 3 W LED has an adjustable brightness and provides the best possible illumination. The brightness can be adjusted individually for each lens. When a lens is changed, the NEXCOPE NIB620 automatically adjusts the previous brightness settings. The display shows the currently selected lens and the current brightness. The adjustment-free condensor ensures that the microscope is ready for use in no time. The condensor can be removed for bright-field observations in order to create more free space.

In addition to the coarse focus, the fine focus helps to render a very sharp image of the object. A full turn of the fine focus moves the table up/down by 0.2 mm. The fine focus can be adjusted with one finger on the right-hand side. The friction of the coarse focus can also be adjusted. The fine focus knobs are held in place magnetically and can be replaced as needed. The XY stage offers the possibility to insert a range of fixtures. For example, you can insert slides or petri dishes. The microscope can also be operated without the XY stage. This creates a large, flat surface.

The NEXCOPE NE620T is specially designed for use with c-mount cameras. You can choose from two different adapters, depending on the sensor size:
  • 0.5x c-mount adapter for sensor sizes up to 2/3’’
  • 1x c-mount adapter for sensor sizes of 1’’

ACCESSORIES (optional)
  • Hoffman modulation phase contrast
  • Relief 3D contrast
  • Stage plate holder (universal holder, Terasaki holder, petri dish holder (54 and 90 mm)

  • Professional inverted transmitted light microscope
  • Lens type: Planachromatic (60 mm parfocal length)
  • Precise mechanics
  • Bright illumination


Technical Data

Field of application
Field of application
  • Biology
  • Research
  • Laboratory
Focus group
Focus Group
  • Professional users
  • Science and Research
Magnification from 100
Magnification up to 400
Diopter setting
Lighting Transmitted light
Dimmer Dimmable lighting
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 30 mm