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Levenhuk Zeno 600 LED Magnifier, 2.5/5x, 90/21 mm, Metal

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Levenhuk Zeno 600 LED Magnifier, 2.5/5x, 90/21 mm, Metal
LED illumination. Magnification: 2.5/5x. Diameter: 90/21 mm

Levenhuk Zeno 600 LED Magnifier is a stylish magnifier with two lenses and built-in illumination. It is ideal for everyday use since it has a classical 2.5x increase and built-in LED illumination. The 5x inset lens will help you to see even more details on engravings and texts. The relatively large size of the main lens covers a large amount of text at once, something that is certainly very convenient.

The illumination consists of twelve LED lights, and the degree of light can be changed by simply pressing the power button (click once and half of the lights turn on, or twice if you need all of them).

It is a very reliable tool - all elements are made of sturdy long-lasting materials. The lightweight metal handle and frame will not break in case you drop them to the ground. The power button located on the handle is made of rubber for additional comfort.

With this magnifier you will also get a convenient storage case that will protect the instrument from dust and minor scratches.

The kit includes:
- Levenhuk Zeno Magnifier
- 2 AA batteries
- Storage case
- Cleaning wipe
- User manual and warranty

Magnification, x: 2.5
Inset lens magnification, x: 5
Lens diameter, mm: 90
Inset lens diameter, mm: 21
Frame and handle material: zinc alloy
Illumination: 12 LED lights (two modes: 12 and 6 lights)
Power source: 2 AA batteries (1.5V)
Magnifier dimensions, in: 9.4x4.3x0.5

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