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Levenhuk Wezzer Cook MT50 cooking thermometer

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Thanks to the Levenhuk Wezzer Cook MT50 thermometer creating masterpieces in your kitchen will become much easier. This small device is designed to determine the food temperature while cooking so you can follow the recipe exactly and therefore make your food taste better. The thermoprobe prevents meals from drying out and that is especially helpful for baking and cooking steaks.

The thermoprobe can also be used as a standard thermometer and accurately measure the temperature of the air water or soil if necessary. It also comes in handy when brewing tea in order to make sure that it is exactly right or to test a portable cooler bag. Among other things the thermoprobe can also be used to measure body temperature during illness as an ordinary thermometer. All of these factors make the Levenhuk Wezzer Cook MT50 a universal gadget that will come in handy at home on a camping trip or in the country.

The model is particularly noteworthy because it comes with two thermoprobes one of which is attached to a 1-meter (3.3ft) long flexible wire cable. The body of the device is made of very strong and durable ABS-plastic and complemented by a monochrome screen and control buttons. The screen has a backlight. The thermoprobe has all the necessary functions: You can hold the current temperature or set up an alarm to signal that a certain temperature threshold is exceeded.

The device is energy-efficient: It only requires one battery and has an auto shut-off function.

Key features:

  • Two thermoprobes one on a flexible wire cable
  • Monochrome screen rugged ABS plastic body
  • Wide range temperature measurement °C and °F selection option
  • Option to set up an overtemperature alarm
  • The temperature 'hold' function
  • Single battery operation; the auto-off function
  • Magnetic back to fix the device on metal surfaces

The kit includes:

• Cooking thermometer • User manual and warranty card

Brand Levenhuk Inc. USA
Warranty years lifetime
EAN 4620137485868
Package size (LxWxH) cm 17x6x2.8
Shipping Weight kg 0.1
Usage location indoors outdoors
Type thermoprobe
Built-in features thermometer
Design digital
Application for home use
Measuring range indoors −50°C to +300°C (−58°F to +572°F)
Measuring range outdoors −50°C to +300°C (−58°F to +572°F)
Units of measurement °C °F
Special features current temperature hold function an overtemperature alarm
Screen type monochrome
Number of screens 1
Power supply CR2032 type battery – 1 pc. (not included)
Body high-strength ABS plastic
Lighting is available yes
Additional AUTO OFF function a magnetic back probe size: inner – 135mm; outer – 100mm (1m (3.3ft) wire cable length)

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