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Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L30 Thermohygrometer

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The Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L30 thermohygrometer is a practical digital device that will become a useful tool for any household. It not only measures the room temperature and air humidity but also shows trends in changes in meteorological parameters. With such a tool you will always be aware of the basic microclimate parameters and will be able to easily track the changes. This will help you prevent mold formation due to high humidity or vice versa excessively dry air.

One of the advantages of Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L30 is two mounting options: the device can be hung on the wall or put on the fridge with its magnetic back so that the readings can always be at hand. The data is displayed on the black and white LCD screen. The top of the screen displays information about air humidity: current value trends and the maximum and minimum records. The block of temperature information is located below.

In addition to the digits it shows the graphic comfort indicator. Depending on the results of the humidity measurement it takes one of the following values: 'LOW' (Low 1–24%) 'OK' (Normal 25–55%) or 'HIGH' (High 56–95%).

Key features:

  • Digital device for temperature and air humidity measurements
  • Arrows indicating trends in the parameters
  • Display of the maximum and minimum records
  • Magnetic back panel to fix the device on metal surfaces
  • Portable device: battery operated

The kit includes:

  • Thermohygrometer
  • User manual and warranty card
Brand Levenhuk Inc. USA
Warranty years lifetime
EAN 4620137483123
Package size (LxWxH) cm 14x10x3
Shipping Weight kg 0.16
Usage location indoors
Type thermohygrometer
Built-in features thermometer hygrometer
Design wireless digital wall mounted
Application for home use
Measuring range indoors 0...+50 °C (+32...+122 °F)
Measurement resolution 1 °C
Units of measurement °C °F
Measuring range 1% to 95%
Measurement resolution 1%
Screen type monochrome
Number of screens 1
Power supply 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Body plastic
Overall comfort level estimation yes

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