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Levenhuk TR150 Tripod

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Levenhuk TR150 Tripod
Height: 55-150 cm (22-59 in). Load capacity: 10 kg (22 lbs)

The full-size Levenhuk TR150 Tripod is suitable for any optical tool with a 1/4" thread. You can mount a telescope tube, binoculars, monocular, spotting scope, or camera on it. A durable tripod can hold optical tools up to 10 kg (22 lbs).

The tripod's legs are made of metal and consist of 3 pitches that are fixed with clamps. Plastic tips provide good surface traction and prevent the tripod from slipping. The central spreader makes the tripod more rigid. The tripod’s head is attached to a retractable bar and moves along vertical and horizontal axes.

You can control the alignment of the tripod with the help of a built-in bubble level. The height of a standing tripod is adjustable from 55 to 150 cm (22 to 59 in). Its contracted height is 58.5 cm (23 in). Please note that some optical instruments may require special adapters (purchased separately).

Durable tripod with a high load capacity
Adjustable metal legs
Head comes attached to a retractable bar
Built-in bubble level
Branded gift box

Tripod type: Floor stand
Pitch numbe: 3
The largest pipe diameter, mm: 23
Height, cm (in): 55–150 (22-59)
Load capacity, kg (lbs): 10 (22)
Tripod material: metal
Head (mount) material: plastic
Head: pan & tilt
Thread: 1/4
Bubble level: yes
Contraction height, cm (in): 58.5 (23)

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