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Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x Eyepiece

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Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x Eyepiece
Universal wide field microscope eyepiece

Diversify your exploration of the micro world with the Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x Eyepiece. The eyepiece features 10x magnification and is perfect for any standard eyepiece tube diameter of 23.2 mm (0.913"). You will be able to extend the capabilities of your microscope and bring your research to a new level.

The lenses in the Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x Eyepiece are made of high-quality optical glass and provide a sharp and clear image. The wide field of view allows for a detailed examination of large samples without replacing them, which makes your work more comfortable. Microscope owners will appreciate an opportunity to increase magnification on the same optical tool.

Optics material: optical glass
Magnification, x: 10
Field of view, mm: 15
Barrel diameter, in: 0.913
Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.

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