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Levenhuk MS3 Mechanical Scale

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Levenhuk MS3 Mechanical Scale
Attachable scale to control slide movements along - X and Y axes. Features coordinate and nonius scales

Levenhuk Mechanical Scale MS3 is designed to move microscope slides on the stage and determine their coordinates precisely. You can move slides along X axis (left-right) and Y axis (forwards-backwards). The measuring scales and the auxiliary nonius scale help determine the exact coordinates of the slide's areas.

The Levenhuk MS3 Mechanical Scale is a removable accessory. It is easily and quickly installed on the stage. To install it, just unscrew the slide holders and fix the scale assembly with a stage screw. The scale is compatible with Levenhuk Rainbow PLUS and S NG microscopes. Installing the scale onto plastic stages is not recommended since they are not sturdy enough and could be damaged.

Movement range along X axis, mm: 0–57
Movement range along Y axis, mm: 0–30
Measuring scale division value, mm: 1
Distance between the dowel pins, mm: 35±0,1
Distance between the dowel pins and the stage screw, mm: 17,5±0,1
Dowel pin diameter, mm: 3
Stage screw thread size: M4
Scale material: metal
Handle material: plastic

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