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Levenhuk MED A 1.25 Dark Field Condenser (dry)

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Levenhuk MED A 1.25 Dark Field Condenser (dry)
For dark field research

Levenhuk MED Dark Field Condenser is designed for laboratory research of uncolored microorganisms and other specimens that are invisible if the bright field method is applied. It improves image contrast and allows for meticulous studying of living aquatic organisms, yeast, bacteria, and animal or human blood. It is ideal for high magnification optical systems. The field of view remains completely dark; the light from the light source does not reach the observer's eyes. You can use the condenser for any observations using the dark field method.

This accessory is designed especially for Levenhuk microscopes in Levenhuk MED 900 and Levenhuk MED 1000 series, but it can also be used with other optical microscopes.

Levenhuk MED A 1.25 Dark Field Condenser (dry) is suitable for working with dry objectives only. The condenser features 1.25 aperture.

Compatibility: Levenhuk MED 900 Microscope, Levenhuk MED 1000 Microscope and other
Numerical aperture: 1.25
Additional: use with dry objectives only

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