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Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book

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Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book
For children of primary and secondary school age

The Knowledge book "Space. Non-empty emptiness" – is exciting reading for a young researcher. The book is aimed at children over 6 years of age and tells about space in plain and simple language. It is colorfully illustrated and full of interesting facts and funny slogans – a "textbook" that is actually useful and exciting to read. The book is perfect for studying the basics of astronomy and expanding knowledge about the surrounding world.

Each section of the knowledge book "Space. Non-empty emptiness" is devoted to important astronomical discoveries or interesting space objects. While reading it, a child will learn about telescopes, the basics of astronomical observations, the Sun, planets of the Solar System and their satellites, comets, meteorites and meteors, nebulae, galaxies and distant stars.

Author: O. Mazur, D. Savchin
Format: hardcover
Size: 252x252mm
Number of pages: 144
Publisher: Levenhuk Press
Year of release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-945581-04-5

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