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Levenhuk DTX RC4 Remote Controlled Microscope

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The Levenhuk DTX RC4 Remote Controlled Microscope allows you to study samples under magnification as well as capture images and record videos of research. And the quality is really impressive: the built-in sensor allows you to capture images and videos in Ultra HD resolution! Such optical and digital capabilities allow you to capture all the details of the observed objects and study them in as much detail as possible. The microscope is an excellent assistant for repairing electronics and equipment, evaluating jewelry, and studying geological samples.

Large rotatable LCD screen
The built-in screen features a 7-inch diagonal. The image from the objective is displayed in color, and it is contrast and easy-to-read. The screen can be tilted at a small angle for convenient operation. The overall magnification can be adjusted in the range of 5x to 270x, and an optical part of the magnification varies from 5x to 40x. The image can also be displayed on an external screen using connection via an HDMI port.

Ultra-high resolution images and videos
Levenhuk DTX RC4 microscope allows you to save research in digital format. The recording quality is impressive: you can capture images in 5600x4200 pixels resolution, and record videos not only in Full HD, but also in incredible Ultra HD quality. Based on the video resolution, the frame rate can vary from 24 to 120 frames per second. Images and videos are recorded on a memory card (not included).

The lighting system on flexible holders
The lighting consists of two LED spotlights with adjustable brightness. They are fixed on flexible holders, which allow for directing the light at the object as accurately as possible. The spotlights are controlled (brightness adjustment, on/off mode) by a small switch on the power cable.

Multifunctional remote control
In conclusion, let’s look at a wireless remote control. It provides access to a variety of options, allowing you to remotely adjust lighting and the magnification as well as capture images and videos. Remote control is particularly practical during presentations or group research.


  • Optical and digital magnification
  • Large 7” color LCD screen
  • Screen can be tilted to any angle for the most convenient operation
  • Ultra-high image and video quality
  • The image from the objective can be displayed on an external monitor or a TV screen
  • LED spotlights on flexible holders
  • Multifunctional remote control, practical for holding presentations

The kit includes:

  • LCD screen
  • Stand
  • Base with clips
  • Spotlights on flexible holders
  • Infrared remote control
  • UV filter
  • Power cable with a switch and lighting brightness adjustment knob
  • HDMI cable
  • Network adapter
  • Tools and fasteners
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

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