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Levenhuk 5S NG Monocular Microscope

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Levenhuk 5S NG Monocular Microscope
Magnification: 40–500х

Levenhuk 5S NG Microscope is a wonderful choice for studies and hobby. The simple control and reliable design make this microscope a great assistant to a kid for many years. With Levenhuk 5S NG, you can perform simple biological experiments, explore amoebae and infusoria, and observe prepared microscope slides. Magnification of the microscope is up to 500x, which is sufficient for most microbiological entry-level research. The microscope contains glass optical elements that transmit a sharp and detailed picture. The revolving nosepiece is designed for three objective lenses, and, besides, you can install the eyepieces of different magnification inside the eyepiece tube. You can easily adjust the magnification of the microscope during observations. You can accurately adjust the sharpness with fine and coarse focusing knobs. The microscope slides are fixed with metal stage clips. Levenhuk 5S NG features a standard mirror for illumination. You can adjust the illumination intensity by rotating the diaphragm disk with apertures of different diameters. This illumination design affords maximum safety when working with a microscope, as it does not require AC supply. The microscope body is made of metal. It is sturdy, reliable and durable.

The microscope body is made of metal. It is sturdy, reliable and durable.


Microscope for studies and hobby
Glass optics
Simple and reliable design
Sturdy metal body
Revolving nosepiece for three objective lenses
Diaphragm disk with 5 apertures
Mirror illumination that does not require AC supply

The kit includes:

Objective lenses: 4x, 10x, 40x
Eyepieces: 10x, 12.5x
User manual and lifetime warranty

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