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Levenhuk 1000 Standard Сontrast Device

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Levenhuk MED 1000 Standard Contrast Device

For studying low-contrast alive objects with an optical microscope

Levenhuk MED 1000 Standard Contrast Device allows for conducting observations using a phase-contrast method. It enables you to work with low-contrast uncolored specimens. You can study cells in detail (their sizes, forms, mutual bracing), tissue architecture, transparent microorganisms, spore germination, and more.

All the necessary elements for observations using a phase-contrast method are already included in the kit. Standard microscope objectives are changed to special phase ones, after that you should correct the optics with an auxiliary microscope. A phase condenser is installed instead of the pre-installed one. It features two working modes: phase-contrast or bright field.

This device is designed especially for Levenhuk MED 1000 Microscopes.

The kit includes:

Phase objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x

Phase condenser

Auxiliary microscope

Green filter

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