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Levenhuk 1.25″ Optical Filter #58 (Green)

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Levenhuk 1.25" Optical Filter #58 (Green)
For detailed lunar and planetary observations. Barrel diameter: 1.25"

Levenhuk 1.25" Optical Filter #58 (Green) is perfect for observations of the Solar System planets and their satellites. With this filter you will be able to study the tiniest details of observed celestial objects. Levenhuk 1.25" Optical Filter #58 transmits up to 24% of visible light.

This filter has a barrel diameter of 1.25" so it can be used with telescopes of any brand.

- This filter is perfect for observing the Moon - it is able to enhance the contrast when used with telescopes of over 5.9-in aperture.
- Venus: ideal for detailed observations of the atmosphere - it reduces the brightness of the sky during daytime observations.
- Mars. Enhances the contrast of the polar regions (for telescopes with an aperture of 5.9-in).
- Jupiter. Increases the visibility of the Great Red Spot (for telescopes with an aperture of 5.9-in).
- Saturn. Enhances the visibility of the atmospheric white ovals.

Light transmission, %: 24
Eyepiece holder diameter, in: 1.25
Recommended telescope aperture: medium and large (at least 200 mm)

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