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Levenhuk 1.25″ Optical Filter #12 (Yellow)

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Levenhuk 1.25" Optical Filter #12 (Yellow)
For detailed lunar and planetary observations. Barrel diameter: 1.25"

Levenhuk 1.25" Optical Filter #12 (Yellow) is ideal for observing the Solar System planets and their satellites - for example, with this filter you can study every crater on the surface of the Moon in every tiny detail. Levenhuk 1.25" Optical Filter #12 (Yellow) transmits up to 74% of visible light and has a standard 1.25” barrel diameter so you can use it with telescopes of any brand.

- This filter is perfect for observing the Moon - it is able to increase the contrast when used with telescopes of over 5.9-in aperture.
- If you are going to observe Venus this filter will be useful for discerning the low-contrast stripes in the cloud cover.
- Mars: this filter is able to increase the contrast of low clouds, dust storms and snowcaps.
- This optical filter is ideal for observing Jupiter and Saturn: it absorbs the blue light in the atmospheric flows and enhances the red and orange light of the zonal bands.
- Uranus and Neptune: when used with telescopes of over 9.8 inches this filter increases the detail of produced image.
- Great for comet observation, as it enhances the contrast and visibility of dust tails.

Light transmission, %: 74
Eyepiece holder diameter, in: 1.25
Recommended telescope aperture: medium and large (at least 150 mm)

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