Massive fork mount with excellent and adjustable mechanics for large binoculars with tripod
When using giant binoculars, a stable mount and tripod with an appropriate load capacity is absolutely necessary. The new EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC U-mount with field tripod has been specially designed for the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC BT series of giant binoculars, but also fits most other binoculars from 70 to 120mm lens diameter, which have a 1/4 inch photo thread connection on the underside. With the U-mount there is no shaking or annoying vibrations, the combination is as solid as a piece of iron and provides unlimited observation pleasure in all binocular adjustment positions. Whether you are observing the starry sky or the landscape, the U-mount is a solid base for your giant binocular and allows soft and smooth movements in both axes.

The U-mount as a base for giant binoculars and always with you on every excursion

An easily transportable but solid mount is essential when using giant binoculars. A simple photo tripod with ball head or video tilt head is quickly overloaded here. The new EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC U-mount has an excellent mechanism with adjustable friction in both axes, and allows easy adjustment and tracking even when the load is fully utilised. Depending on the adjusted intensity of the friction, the binocular position is kept stable or a soft and smooth movement can be achieved. The large adjustment screws on both axes are smooth and easy to operate even with gloves and clammy fingers. Vibrations are reduced to an absolute minimum by the solid construction of the U-mount. Even at high magnification, there are no shakes and the finest details can be observed. The U-mount and tripod can be separated for easy transport.

Mounting the large binoculars on the U-mount

The binoculars can be mounted and removed in a few seconds using the quick-release adapter plate included in the scope of delivery. This is a major advantage, especially for mobile outdoor use. The connection between binoculars and adapter plate is made by two 1/4 inch threaded bolts (standard photo tripod thread), which are variably guided in a slotted hole. A universal use with different binoculars is thus possible. The double screw connection guarantees a very secure fit of the binoculars. The adapter plate itself is also attached to the U-mount with the help of two large clamping screws, which are easy to use even when wearing gloves. Nothing wobbles here and all controls are easy to use.

The field tripod provides a secure stand
No matter what the surface, the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC field tripod provides a safe stand. The solid aluminium and stainless steel construction effectively suppresses any kind of vibration. The large 50mm diameter stainless steel tripod legs and the aluminium tripod head plate are an ideal combination and offer maximum stability with a moderate transport weight of only 5.8kg. With applied and retracted tripod legs, the transport dimension is only 80cm long. The included accessory tray additionally gives some tension outwards to the tripod legs and thus to increase the stability. By pulling out the tripod legs, the working height for the binoculars can be individually adjusted within a range of approx. 100 to 140cm.

  • Solid fork mount with tripod for giant binoculars
  • Comfortable observation position in all orientations
  • Excellent mechanism for adjustment and tracking of the binocular
  • Smooth and even movement of the binocular
  • Stepless friction adjustment in both axes
  • Large hand wheels for adjustment - no problem even with gloves
  • Secure holding of the binocular in all adjustment positions
  • Ideal vibration damping thanks to the sturdy stainless steel tripod
  • Integrated accessory tray made of aluminium
  • Carries binoculars up to 12kg absolutely safely
  • Adjustment range vertical axis: 0 to 90 degrees
  • Adjustment range azimuth axis: 360 degrees (without limitation)
  • Maximum possible width of the binoculars: 290mm
  • Quick change adapter plate with 2 x 1/4 inch photo thread screws
  • Double prismatic clamping of the quick-change adapter plate
  • Setting height of tripod with mounting: approx. 100 to 140 cm
  • Tripod leg tube diameter: 50 mm
  • Transportation size tripod: ca. 80 cm length
  • Weight mounting/tripod: 5.5 / 5.8kg
  • Material mounting/tripod: aluminium / stainless steel
  • Shipping size/weight mount: 51x42x28cm, 7.6kg
  • Shipping dimensions/weight tripod: 87x21x22cm, 6.5kg

  • U-Mount with field tripod
  • Quick change adapter plate
  • Accessories tray
  • Instruction manual


Technical Data

Field of application
Field of application
  • Astronomy
  • Night
  • Bird watching & Nature observation
Type Giant Binoculars
Colour black
  • Aluminium
Extended warranty 10 years
Total length 1000 mm
Total width 1000 mm
Total height 1390 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 11300 g

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