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Ermenrich Reel SLR540 Laser Meter

Ermenrich Reel SLR540 Laser Meter

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Laser meter Ermenrich Reel SLR540 is a multi-purpose tool designed for all kinds of construction installation repair and finishing works of various complexity. The model combines a laser meter with a standard metal tape measure. It is all you need for the precise measurement of distance as well as the dimensions of long building materials. For your convenience you can select the units of measurement and save the results in the memory of the device.

The red laser of the Ermenrich Reel SLR540 has a measuring range of up to 40 meters and a continuous scan mode. As for the 5-meter tape it is single-sided self-locking made of steel and has a magnetic hook. The compact laser meter case is made of damage-resistant ABS plastic and is rubberized. The device is powered by batteries and the auto-off function helps you save battery power.

Key features:

  • Distance and length measurement with a laser meter and tape measure
  • Laser range up to 40 meters a continuous scan mode
  • Self-locking steel tape measure with a magnetic hook
  • Powered by batteries auto-off function measurements are stored in the memory of the device
  • Rugged rubberized case with a belt clip
Brand Ermenrich
Warranty years lifetime
EAN 4620137486988
Package size (LxWxH) cm 10.5x6.5x19
Shipping Weight kg 0.42
Type laser ruler tape
Single distance measurement mode yes
Scanning mode yes
Measuring range 0.2–40
Units of measurement m ft in
Measurement accuracy 0.001
Laser designator class 2 red 630–670nm
Laser beam/device auto-off 30 seconds
Power supply AAA batteries – 2 pcs. (not included)
Operating temperature range °C 0...+40
Length of the tape measure m 5
Width of the tape measure mm 19
Tape material brushed steel
Tape measure specifications single-sided with a magnetic hook self-locking
Case material high-strength ABS plastic
Additional belt clip rubberized case surface