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Discovery Prof Specimens DPS 5. “Amphibia”

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Discovery Channel informs, entertains and inspires its audiences around the globe about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. Offering millions of people the chance to discover, and satisfy their curiosity, Discovery offers a compelling mix of stories across genres including science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in depth behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organisations that shape and share the world we live in.

We proudly present the Discovery optics series that is produced by Levenhuk and endorsed by Discovery.

The Discovery Prof Specimens DPS 5. “Amphibia” set includes five specimens made for professional studies of fish and amphibians. The kit includes prepared slides of various tissues, organs, and whole organisms. It will be excellent teaching materials for advanced zoology and veterinary students, future physicians, and biologists. It is also a great choice if your hobby is microbiology.

The specimens are secured between a microscope slide and a cover slip. After placing the chosen slide onto the microscope stage, switch on the illumination and start observing. The top-quality optical glass ensures transparency and uniformity – you can enjoy a blur-free sharp image of a specimen. Thanks to the microscope magnification, you can study the structure and characteristic features of tissues in detail.

Key features:

  • Aquatic life: Fish and amphibians
  • For laboratory work and home study
  • Top-quality glass and high-quality images
  • Can be used with any lower illumination microscope

The set of slides includes:

  • Freshwater fish, region of gills
  • Freshwater fish, region of tails
  • Fish scales, various types of whole mount
  • Tadpole, frog larva, transv. section through body
  • Frog (Rana), tongue transversal section

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