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Bresser ClimaTemp XXL Weather Station, wooden look

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Bresser weather centres are very popular among hobby meteorologists, keen gardeners and other people who cannot or do not wish to rely on weather data from faraway weather stations.

Just like its predecessors, the new ClimaTemp XXL weather centre delivers a whole host of locally collected meteorological data. New to this model is the power supply for the combined rain and wind sensor, which is provided via a cable connection on the thermo-hygro sensor. This makes the ClimaTemp XXL the ideal model for users who wish to mount the wind sensor on a roof or other hard-to-access location. The user only needs to replace the batteries in the thermo-hygro sensor, which is easy to access.


  • Elegant weather station with stylish wooden look
  • Integrated sensor for indoor temperature (°C/°F) and relative humidity (%)
  • Automatically displays the time and day of the week via DFC77 radio signal
  • Moon phase display
  • Symbolic weather trend display (24 h)
  • Atmospheric pressure display
  • Alarm function
  • Displays the wind strength, speed and direction
  • Wind chill display = apparent temperature
  • 24-hour rainfall in mm or inches
  • Battery operated (4x AA, not included)

The kit includes

  • Base station
  • Thermo-hygro sensor
  • Wind/rain gauge
  • Mounting materials for wind/rain gauge
  • User manual
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty, years 2
Package size (LxWxH), cm 43x16.5x43
Shipping Weight, kg 2.45
Usage location indoors, outdoors
Type barometer, hygrometer, clock
Built-in features thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, rain gauge, anemometer, clock, alarm clock
Design tabletop, wireless, digital
Application for home use
=== Delimiter === Barometer (atmospheric pressure)
Units of measurement mmHg, inHg, mbar/hPa
=== Delimiter === Hygrometer (air humidity)
Units of measurement % (RH)
=== Delimiter === Thermometer (temperature)
Units of measurement °C, °F
Special features sound signal indicates when a certain temperature level is reached
=== Delimiter === Clock (time/date/calendar)
Clock True
Time format 12 hours
Alarm clock True
=== Delimiter === Anemometer (wind direction)
Units of measurement cardinal points of the compass
=== Delimiter === Anemometer (wind speed)
Units of measurement m/s, km/h, mph
=== Delimiter === General specifications
Screen type monochrome
Radio signal frequency, MHz 433.0
Radio signal radius, m 80.0
Power supply 6 AA batteries, 1.5V (not included)
Operating temperature range (indoors), °C -10…+50
Operating temperature range (outdoor sensor) -20…+50
Weather trend is available True
Weather trend for the next 12 hours

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