Bresser RC Weather Station is a radio-controlled weather station in a modern design. Radio-controlled clock and date display, pluviometer, anemometer, thermo/hygro sensor with temperature and air humidity display for indoor and outdoor. Air-pressure, moon phases and sunrise and sunset display, integrated storage for min. and max. data. All external sensors send the data via 433MHz with a distance up to 100m.


  • Transmitting frequency, MHz: 433
  • Transmitting range, m: max. 100
  • Wind: speed & course in km/h
  • Clock: yes, with calendar function and moon phases
  • Temperature index: °C or °F
  • Temperature measuring range outside: -40°C up to +80°C (-40°F up to +176°F)
  • Temperature measuring range inside: -9.9°C up to +60°C (-14.2°F up to +140°F)
  • Air-pressure measuring range, hPa: 500–1,100
  • Altitude measuring range: -657 ft up to 16,404 ft

The kit includes:

  • Weather station
  • Rain gauge
  • Wind meter
  • Thermo/Hygro Sensor
  • User manual
  • Batteries
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty, years 2
Package size (LxWxH), cm 44x41x12.5
Shipping Weight, kg 2.57
Usage location outdoors, indoors
Type weather station
Built-in features calendar, alarm clock, clock, anemometer, rain gauge, hygrometer, barometer, thermometer
Design tabletop, wall mounted, digital, wireless
Application for professional use
=== Delimiter === Barometer (atmospheric pressure)
Units of measurement inHg, mmHg, mbar/hPa
Measuring range from 374.5 mmHg to 823.8 mmHg
Measurement resolution 0.08mmHg
Measurement accuracy 0.38mmHg
Indications update every 47 sec
Special features display of atmospheric pressure changes for the last 24 hours
=== Delimiter === Hygrometer (air humidity)
Units of measurement % (RH)
Measuring range from 0% to 99%
Measurement resolution 0.01%
Measurement accuracy ±5%
Indications update every 47 sec
=== Delimiter === Thermometer (temperature)
Units of measurement °F, °C
Measuring range indoors -9.9…+60 °C
Measuring range outdoors -40…+80 °C
Measurement resolution 0.1 °C
Measurement accuracy ±1 °C
Indications update every 47 sec
=== Delimiter === Clock (time/date/calendar)
Clock True
Time format 24 hours, 12 hours
Calendar True
Alarm clock True
Auto synchronization DCF77
Special features reading accuracy of sunrises and sunsets: ±3 minutes, display of a current date, day of the week and phases of the Moon, alarm clock with snooze function
=== Delimiter === Anemometer (wind direction)
Units of measurement cardinal points of the compass
Measuring range 16 directions
Measurement resolution 22.5 °
Measurement accuracy ±11.25°
Measurement threshold 1.34 m/s
Indications update every 33 sec
=== Delimiter === Anemometer (wind speed)
Units of measurement knots, km/h, m/s, mph
Measuring range 0 to 89.3m/s
Measurement accuracy ±0.89m/s
Indications update every 33 sec
=== Delimiter === Rain gauge (precipitations)
Units of measurement inches, mm
Measuring range from 0 to 1999.9mm (for periods “1 hour”, “24 hours”, “yesterday”); from 0 to 19999mm (for periods “last week”, “last month”)
Indications update every 183 seconds
=== Delimiter === General specifications
Screen type monochrome
Number of screens 3
Radio signal frequency, MHz 433.0
Radio signal radius, m 100.0
Power supply AA batteries, 1.5V (included): weather station – 4 pcs., temperature and humidity sensor – 2 pcs., rain gauge – 2 pcs., wind sensor – 2 pcs.
Body plastic
Body color white
Operating temperature range (indoors), °C -10…+60
Operating temperature range (outdoor sensor) -10…+80
Overall comfort level estimation True
Weather trend is available True
Wireless sensor True

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