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Bresser 130/650 EQ3 Telescope

Bresser 130/650 EQ3 Telescope

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Bresser 130/650 EQ3 Telescope features a main mirror aperture of 130mm and a focal length of 650mm. The telescope is excellent for beginners and advanced users who enjoy observing the night sky with all its amazing celestial objects. The telescope comes with a complete kit - mount, tripod, optical tube assembly and accessories. The telescope’s low focal length makes it perfectly suited for wide field observing, yet with its accessories it is excellent for the moon or planetary observing in detail. The stable equatorial mount makes the mirror telescope very easy to use. You only need to set the R.A. axis to the North Pole. You can also guide the Bresser 130/650 EQ3 Telescope on its object with only one hand.


  • High-quality beginners' telescope with a large aperture
  • Aperture: 130mm / focal length: 650mm
  • Ideal for observing large celestial objects
  • Equatorial mount with flexible shafts
  • Field tripod for high stability
  • Finderscope: red dot
  • Control: manual/equatorial

The kit includes:

  • Telescope with aluminum tripod and equatorial mount
  • 2 eyepieces
  • LED-finderscope
  • 3x Barlow lens
  • Stellarium software
  • Telescope beginners guide
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty, years 2
Package size (LxWxH), cm 50x87x24
Shipping Weight, kg 13.9
Optical design reflector
Optical scheme Newtonian
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm 130.0
Primary mirror diameter (aperture), mm 5.0
Focal length, mm 650
Magnification, x 26—195
Aperture ratio f/5
Resolution threshold, arcseconds 0.88
Eyepieces Kellner K25mm, K10mm
Eyepiece barrel diameter, in 1.25
Barlow lens 3x
Finderscope red dot
Tripod height (adjustable), mm adjustable, 630–1080
Telescope control manual
Mount equatorial, EQ3

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