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Bresser Junior Outdoor Set with Binoculars

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A rich set for young explorers and travelers by Bresser. The outdoor set includes all the necessary things: compact binoculars with 4x magnification, a headlamp, a water bottle, a mini compass and a convenient case for transportation. Total weight of the set with all accessories is only 460 g, that makes it convenient to take along on any exciting hiking tour!

Bresser Junior 4х30 Binoculars for kids

Small binoculars for daytime observations. Built using roof prisms and feature 4x magnification. You can adjust focus and interpupillary distance. All optics are made of high-quality optical plastic. You can observe any remote objects with these binoculars.

LED headlamp

A headlamp is useful for studying mysterious caves and dark castles – all the places the sunlight cannot reach and where you need your hands free. The headlamp is powered by three AAA batteries and is switched on with a single press of a button. The fastening length is adjustable; that ensures a stable fixation of the headlamp. There are three illumination intensity modes: one LED light, three LED lights or seven LED lights on. You can switch between different illumination modes with a press of a button.

Mini compass

A simple compass with a needle always pointing accurately to the north. A necessary tool for orienting in unknown landscape. You can run a durable shoelace through a special eyelet and wear the compass on your neck – this way, you will never lose it.

Water bottle

A water bottle features double walls made of aluminum, and can preserve the temperature of drinks for several hours. There is a dispenser in the upper part that prevents accidental leakage. A bottle cap provides additional protection. Maximum volume is 400 ml. Take care not to put very hot liquids in the bottle – otherwise, a child could burn his mouth while drinking.

Case for storage and transportation

Nylon case is designed especially for this set and is big enough for all the accessories. The case is equipped with a clasp to wear it attached to the belt and features a wide handle for transportation. Apart from the main partition, there are some small partitions with a zipper.


  • Many accessories for exploring the world around us
  • Binoculars with 4x magnification and central focus
  • The lenses in binoculars made of optical glass
  • LED headlamp with 4 illumination modes
  • Water bottle (400 ml)
  • Case for transportation with many partitions
    • Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
      Warranty, years 10
      Package size (LxWxH), cm 21.5x21x8.5
      Shipping Weight, kg 0.61
      Prism type roof
      Magnification, x 4
      Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm 30.0
      Optics material optical plastic
      Eyepiece diopter adjustment True
      Interpupillary distance, mm adjustable
      Moisture resistance True
      Size compact
      Application children (3-7 year old), tourist

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