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Bresser TNS1 25 Thermal imaging camera

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TNS1 Featuring a 384x288 thermal imaging sensor in a wavelength range of 8 μm to 14 μm, the BRESSER Thermal imaging camera TNS1 can make even small thermal contrasts clearly visible. The premium adjustable lens with a focus mode and dioptre adjustment of -3 to +1 ensures a consistently sharp image. To ensure that you can effectively identify your observed objects on the 720x540-pixel display, the thermal imaging device is equipped with a 2x and 4x zoom.

Detection distance
Thanks to the powerful objective lens and the infrared thermal imaging sensor with an NETD value of 50 mK, the thermal imaging monocular opens up whole new possibilities for observation. For example, you can discover wild animals in total darkness at a distance of up to 900 metres.

Recording function for still images and videos
Lasting memories of special sights: The thermal imaging camera allows you to capture photos or videos of your unique experiences. These can be viewed on the screen on the thermal imaging device or downloaded to your computer in BMP format via a micro-USB connection so that you can impress your friends, colleagues and family with your discoveries.

Four different colour palettes
Choose a suitable colour palette to render all the details of your observed object in a wide range of different conditions. The thermal imaging camera TNS1 features four different colour palettes: Rainbow, red-hot, white-hot and black-hot. The rainbow and red-hot colour palettes are designed for scenarios in which the thermal contrast is very high. The black-hot and white-hot colour palettes produce a greyscale image. The black-hot mode is very popular, as it looks most similar to a black and white image. White-hot produces an optimal image when observing from greater distances. This colour palette is often used to discover wild animals at night, as it protects the eyes in the dark.

High frame rate
Thanks to the high frame rate of 50 Hz, the thermal imaging device is particularly well suited to viewing moving objects.

Long battery life
The built-in rechargeable battery has a long battery life, powering the thermal imaging camera for up to 6 hours.

Wide range of applications
In addition to use for wildlife observations and hunting, the thermal imaging camera can also be useful in other scenarios in which heat sources are present. For example, you can detect geothermal heat sources, locate the source of heat loss in apartments and houses, and determine the position of heating pipes. The camera can also be easily connected to an external display (not included).

BRESSER Thermal imaging camera TNS1 - the perfect companion for hunts and building diagnostics.


  • Premium thermal imaging camera
  • 384x288 infrared thermal imaging sensor
  • NETD value: 50 mK
  • Adjustable lens with focus mode
  • 4 modes for application-specific display: rainbow, red-hot, white-hot and black-hot
  • Recording function
  • Saves images in BMP format
  • Monocular with dioptre compensation: -3 to +1
  • Frame rate of thermal images: 50 Hz
  • Protective lens cap
  • Micro USB connection
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Battery life of up to 6 hours
  • Status LED