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Vixen Polarie Star Tracker set with M-155MA tripod

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This complete set contains all of the elements you need to be able to create outstanding astro photography. The set includes the Vixen POLARIE star tracker, ball head, fine adjustment unit and M-155-MA tripod. The Vixen POLARIE Star Tracker is the faithful companion to every night photographer.

With it, photographers can create images of the starscape and Milky Way where stars remain punctiform. In addition, the POLARIE Star Tracker is also able to take sharpimages of the landscape and starry sky at the same time. Thanks to its compact dimensions and weight of just 740 g, it is portable and ready for use in no time. This makes it ideal for taking with you when travelling by air as the Tracker fits neatly into a coat pocket. As such, the Star Tracker is also popular for timelapse photography.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ideal for travel
  • Enables microscopically fine astro photography
  • Also suitable for timelapse photography
  • Polarie Star Tracker
  • M-155-MA tripod
  • Fine adjustment unit
  • QHD 33 ball head